The Beatles - Anything and Everything
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
Meandering through Beatles' videos, discovering live 'gem' performances Cool

An all time love song...HeartHeartHeart

Love the live harmonies in this....Cool

...Just a genius lyricist and song writer... a once in a millinia talent Heart

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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
Beautiful song sang beautifully Heart
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
"Yesterday" and "Something" are said to be the number one and two most covered Beatles' songs. I looked a couple up and discovered Ray Charles actually covered quite a few Beatles' songs

Apologies to Haley and Casey's cover of "All My Lovin'", but this cover by Amy Winehouse.... so touching and brings a tear to my eye ...

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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
One of my favorite Chicago Beatle tribute bands, American English, is playing at the HOME bar on April 19 if Himm or Babbs want to see them!

Haley might even be there! She told me that she's seen them many times!!
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
^^ I think it was in the RS that George had Ray Charles in mind when he wrote Something. I almost posted that one yesterday but for some reason HF doesn't recognize me now on my home computer. Paul remarked that Sinatra called Something his favorite Lennon/McCartney song Wink

Can't say I'm a big Sinatra fan.
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything

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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
[Image: preston1.jpg]
Billy Preston, sometimes referred to as "The 5th Beatle"

Quote:Billy Preston has the distinction of being the only musician besides the band members to be credited on a Beatles record

Quote:Billy Preston first met the Beatles in Hamburg in 1962. Preston was playing keyboards for Little Richard, and the Beatles were huge fans. Harrison, the youngest of the Beatles and only 18 at the time, bonded with the 15-year-old Preston, and they remained life-long friends.

performing as a 10 Year Old with none other than Nat King Cole.

and of course, Billy on the rooftop performing "Get Back" with the Beatles

Quote:Harrison went to see a Ray Charles show in London, where Preston was playing as a sideman. Harrison got the idea to recruit Preston to play with the Beatles on the Get Back project. Preston’s contributions to the project were more than musical. Harrison likened Preston’s effect to a feuding family staying on its best behavior in front of a guest – hoping that bringing in an outsider would make the others “be nice” and make the Get Back set a happier place to be

Quote:During a Get Back meeting on January 26, the idea came up for the Beatles to give a live performance the next week on the roof of the Apple office building. So, around noon on a cold and windy London rooftop, January 30, 1969, with Preston on keyboards, the Beatles began what was to be their final live performance. Preston contributed tasty, soulful and jazzy keyboard accents to the 42-minute show, with his solo on the song “Get Back” a particular highlight.

Billy scored his own #1s.
"Will it Go around in Circles" was a number one for two weeks in 1972

"Nothing From Nothing" was number 1 for one week in October 1974

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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
I got to meet him a long time ago at Beatlefest!! I'm happy I was able to see him before he passed away
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything
Sim Beatles

Fixing a Hole

A Day in the Life

A Little Help From My Friends

Here Comes the Sun
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything

Alec Baldwin's intro is hilarious, (Skip No Doubt Tongue ) Nora Jones, David Grohl and James Taylor do well, but it's 'Sir' Steven Tyler who brings the house down (He also performs the songs I'd love Haley to perform if I were ever able to be rich enough to hire her for a show: "She Came in Through The Bathroom Window" to "Golden Slumbers" to "The End") Paul obviously has great affection for Steven (why can't Steven set up a meeting between Paul and Haley? Tongue )

Great finish with chorus of Hey Jude Smile

Paul's Dad's advice after hearing them perform "She Loves You" for him

Quote: Son, there's enough of these 'Americanisms' around, couldn't you just say 'yes, yes, yes'...
In response to hearing the lyrics "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah"
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Someone posted this ironic video wondering what would happen if John Lennon were to audition for "The Voice"


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