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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
wow.. if she could sing with the passion a picture like that must evoke in boys (errhem or men)... she might have some HOT songs.

Who's to say what the reality is.. we've only been fed so much.
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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Cute duet with Scotty and Pia at his Christmas show/benefit in NY.

First time I've listened to Scotty singing pretty much since the show...he sounds like he's really improved. His vocals are much better than I remembered Smile

(I wonder if this get's enough chatter, they might do quick recording in time for Xmas possibly for charity too...)

I swear I can see this guy run and win the Presidency in the future...

So what's the next S10 Xmas duet going to be?

Naima and James?
"Please Come Home for Christmas"
or "Oh Holy Night", just to see what James could do with it.

Lauren and Jacob?
"Merry Little Christmas"
or "Jingle Bell Rock" for the fun factor

Stefano and Thia?
"White Christmas"
or "Last Christmas" (from Wham) for the cheese factor.

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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Scotty is the real deal and his voice -will- continue to improve.

He understands music much more than his sometimes seemingly straightforward peformances always showcased. I was able to hear it sometimes in group numbers and still think his "that's alright there momma" was incredible - improved on an Elvis pressly song which is of the same likes as Haley and Elton John's benny and the jets ( want to listent to haley's benny more, but because of what I want to listen to, not quality).

LOL on the President. I give him massive personal props for going back to college and living with his old friends in typical student type housing ....

.. you have to assume that making money in the music business consistently is like repeately pulling winninging lottery tickets (well with better odds after the first one, but still low odds bets)... it takes more than a couple blockbuster albums and there are plenty of big names and top selling artists from the 1960's 70's and 80's scratching out a living on the country fair circuit.

I'd love to see Scotty and Haley sing something together.. I'm not sure it would ever happen but it would be very good. I'd pick "Away in the manger" for Scotty and Haley... a good more religious one.

I'd like to hear Naima and Haley and maybe Jessica Sanchez do a chorale "angels we have heard on high" maybe.


come to think of it, I'm in the mood for Handel's messiah -- that's something I'd like to hear Pia turn her pipes towards and I'm being sincere there.
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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
I always appreciated Scotty. His vocals were pretty good on the show. Not Haley good (but then again, who is. Tongue ) The second I saw him I knew he'd win. And I didn't mind.

His duets with Lauren were always impressive because he always took the harmony parts of the song, and always sang them perfectly. Which is not easy to do, (in comparison, only DeAndre, Elise, and EVP were able to do sing in harmony during the show last season. ) a lot of singers who are used to singing the lead just don't know how to do it.

(Not like this past season where I saw Phillip Phillips audition and what "ugh..." )

There's just something likeable about him. I love that he went to school, and is insisting on not missing out on normal activities. (I think it's a little trollish behavior on Scotty's part too. "Oh what's that 19E..I'm a money maker. Oh..well I'm just going to go to highschool during the time where you want to promote me. And I'm playing baseball. Oh what's that 19E..you want me to make a new album and promote that now that I'm out of highschool? hmmm...I think I want to go to college though, but don't worry..I'll go to Nashville. JUST KIDDING..I'm gonna go to school in North Carolina and live in the dorms with my friends." Tongue )
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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Quote:Pia Toscano Fansite ‏@PiaFansDotCom
Something is coming down the chimney on Piafans. Early presents? Guess we'll see in the morning. Gotta leave cookies and milk out tonight.
Retweeted by Pia Toscano

I'm guessing a holiday song sung by Pia.
12-19-2012, 12:46 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management

O Holy Night / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Video introduction:

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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Quote:Jared Lee ‏@jaredleemusic

Great hanging today with Randy Jackson and @PiaToscano http://instagr.am/p/USDNK1CH0T/

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[Image: 2cd1e1525ab711e28e1522000a1f9a99_7.jpg]
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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Quote:Pia Toscano ‏@PiaToscano

Check out my Ditlo shoot on http://ditlo.com #ditlo

Pia and "ditlo" tweeted about this today. The site has "visual interviews" and over 130K followers on Twitter.

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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
[Image: BCRxY5ACIAEoNZP.jpg]

I have to admit I like this much better than the big hair she had during the tour which seemed to amplify the critique that she doesn't move on stage.

I like that the look harkins to a '60s hair style mixed with a modern sensibility. Pia has to be one of the most beautiful Idols to have ever been on that show. Cool
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RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
Pia has got that beautiful Mediterranean look, but she also can sing and she does that well. That would have been ashame if it was was a lack of stage presence and personality and the inability to connect with their audience that got her booted off.Or was it all of the above cause it wasn't her singing. Has anybody seen her in person? She has to be stunning also you got a love those Italian women.HeartCool

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