Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
04-21-2013, 11:01 AM,
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
^true...but the lack rhythm and coherent body movement for a Tina Turner song sealed the deal for her, as this was her final performance before being voted off.
04-21-2013, 01:11 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
(04-21-2013, 11:01 AM)buzzenator Wrote: ^true...but the lack rhythm and coherent body movement for a Tina Turner song sealed the deal for her, as this was her final performance before being voted off.

This is true. Listening to it again this morning, I realized that it was an odd choice for her, even though she wanted to do something uptempo. Of course, it could be that the "infamous short lists" that the contestants have to choose from and silly themes, may have left her with little to choose from.
04-27-2013, 10:02 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
@michaelcostello31and I in his showroom while he designed my gown for Divas In The Desert
[Image: 90ef11b8af5411e2952822000a1f9695_7.jpg]

Good GollyMiss Molly Exclamation

She appeared with Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks at the event
[Image: cropped-acs-2013-gala-SD-printer1.jpg]

[Image: 330317_la.jpg]
04-27-2013, 10:31 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
I really haven't been dissing this singer's performers but I think I expected them to grow more ...or do what they were already very good at better.

Listening to Pia's river deep mountain high I'm really wondering how good this year's contestants are after all. At the time I was put off by Pia's performance which I thought missed all meaning (no matter what she wanted it to mean it had to mean something other than a running vault). All she had was "Determination" which is a fine emotion yet...um.. well.. I need more... seriously it was like the emotion of an Olympic gold medal vaulter has when they're addressing the appraoch, making the run, spring and tripple axle and planting a finish. Like excellent but ?

Now though, at least she had one truly heartfelt and expressed emotion and a stellar voice... to me that performance is looking as good as any we've seen this season allowing for stegnths in some areas and weaknesses in others of the good ones we've seen.

As much as I like to enjoy each season for what it is, season 10 was truly special. Scotty wasn't bad musically .. I think he can use more voice for sure, but I feel like he made real succeful efforts to relate to his songs and other than a lack of range made graceful transistions and made great choices with this phrasing. I'd say the same for Alliana other than her voice was much better but she was having a harder time finding songs that matched her life expierce (actually so did scotty, but he managed to someone make them work sincirely by turning the meaning around to be clean songs about his grandma and followed the pretext logially from start to finish )

As we've seen with James he's a true musician.. .. I suspected it strongly but its kind of cool hearing what he can do lately. I think he might be on par with Casey and Haley in terms of "getting" music .... like I bet he could sing a Bach chorale arangment or something as it was written without a sweat or affectations that didn't belong.

Jacob lusk needed more training and discipline yet what a voice and what true emotion and audience directed empathy. Stephano ? he's really a pretty natural Dean Martin Sammy Davis Jr type guy brought forward to today's pop music. lol

Pia was damn good compared to many years.. just there was so much charm and knowledge in S10 a great voice that could execute close to flawlessly wasn't enough.


How does a guy like Michael stay straight draping that over that girl in her skivvies if that! I would be (cough cough) very straight if I were where he were standing
06-02-2013, 11:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-02-2013, 11:26 AM by Miguel.)
RE: Pia Toscano Parts Ways With Interscope, 19 Management
PiaFans.com shutting down tomorrow.

Pia's Response:
Quote:Dear Greg, @macfiremedic @piafansdotcom

I don't even know where to begin.. I will start by thanking you endlessly for all of the time, hard work, money & passion you've put into creating Piafans.com . Piafans is home to me, and each and every member is part of this beautiful & extended family I am now fortunate to have called the Sweet P's. Without my Sweet P's & Piafans.com it would've been very difficult for me to be able to hold on to so many special memories & also, getting through a lot of the obstacles that have come my way throughout the past two years would have been a lot more lonely. Piafans has been with me through the good times and the bad, always sticking by my side and having faith.. To me, this is the greatest gift one could ask for. I am sorry for the amount of time it has taken for my album to come out & for how long you have all patiently waited. Greg, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to be so loyal & for keeping this fansite running. Both you & Piafans have such a huge part of my heart that I will cherish forever & always keep in mind. I am praying for you always & know that your incredible strength will have you better in no time! I can't wait for the day that I can give back EVERYTHING you have given to me. You have been there from the very beginning & I can't thank you enough for all that you have done. If you ever need me, you know where to find me pal, the Toscano's are always here for you!

Love you Greg with all of my heart..
thank you!

Pia Toscano

The original notice of the site's closing (long):
Quote:Parting is such Sweet Sorrow. Pia Fans will close Monday June 3rd. Thank You All for your Support Sweet P's!

After many talks with the love of my life, family, friends, and my Pastor. Add a recent possible career ending back injury that may require surgery from work next week.. The time has come after three and a half years on 3 different fansites. I have decided to retire from the fansite business per say for now. This wasn't an easy decision to make at all. Walking away from all the time spent on this site with so many great Members wont be an easy thing to do. I have to set my priorities in a row now, Being an owner of a fan site. The site never leaves your mind. Your always looking at the site when your away from home to see if its up and running. Your mind is always thinking what can I do next for Pia and the Fans. It doesn't stop. It's a 24/7 job. Though I enjoyed every day since being a Mod on Siofan.com. Also teaching 2 close friends how to operate their fan site Bowersoxfans.com that was built for them at the same time back then. Add up all the hours in that time frame. It's time for a new direction with the recent injury and events.. Many career decisions will have to be made after surgery. Its up in the air whether I can continue in the FD or not in the near future. I feel my investment in Pia Fans was well worth it. It's human nature people will want to disect whatever I say. Some will come up with many theories why I have decided to close Pia Fans. Thats ok. It's understandable. Pia Fans was bulit to have a place for my pick for Season 10 on Idol. Once I saw Pia on You Tube. Whoa! This girl is good! It's Fan Site time! No Idol has an official site while on the show for people to go to. I'm gonna help this girl out and build Pia Fans.

Pia Fans accomplished many things for Pia and her Fans. Mostly it showcased everything Pia was up to before some outlets even posted it. The best part for me was the day I got the call from Interscope to pass over the @PiaToscano Twitter account. No more @PToscanoAI10. Thanks again to Maria Pia Toscano in Argentina for giving her name up for Pia by the way. Over 30+ signed pictures were won by Members on the site from contests. The 20 phone calls that you, the fans got from Pia for passing 200,000 followers on Twitter. Being a NASCAR fan. I asked Pia to tell 19 that Fox shows the Twitter names of their National Anthem singers on Fox before a race. When she sang at one of her NASCAR events. There it was! @PiaToscano. Funny thing though. The next week on Idol. They started to show the Idols Twitter names. Pia and I where in DM on Twitter watching it happen. Just think how many followers Pia would have had if they showed her Twitter name on Idol? Yikes! So in a way. Pia Fans changed Idol forever. Pia Fans also helped Pia's Team get rid of accidently leaked singles that Pia had made that leaked unto those download sites to remove them. And the call from Pia's ex-manager Danni on my opinions about fan sites, and other fan related things.That was a very interesting call. No other Idol that I know except for Pia ever had Chat Parties with their fans on a Fan Site. Pia's chat with you guys was simply awesome! She loved it! But most of all. Many friendships were made on this site. Many of you I have known from the past. Though people came together to support Pia that didn't even know each other. Then became friends. So Pia Fans helped a whole lot of people! That is what this place was intended for. Everyone came together and became close friends, and now we can call each other a Sweet P for Life!

I would like to thank some people in order personally that helped since the begining way back in March of 2011. The day I opened this place. First to Dennis and Shelby. Thanks for letting me have this place. Thanks Shelby for setting the groundwork for letting me build this place to what it is today. To my old friend from Season 5 on the AI Forums for Kat McPhee DallasHunter aka.Jackson that started the Pia Toscano folder on the American Idol Forums. To Katie. One of my great Moderators. Thanks for finding out what Pia wanted her fanbase name to be. Thats how we became "The Sweet P's". Which was Pia's grandfather's nickname for her. The first guy that gave props to the site. Pia's friend Frank(mafi) Thanks bro for the support. A special thanks to Eillen and Colleen, and Erin. The 2 craziest ladies I know. Your help in some situations and your advise helped me so much in the begining. Love you guys. And Jodi. I dont know where I'd be without my buddy Jodi. The voice of reason. The lady that kept me from losing it on a few occasions. Your advise and friendship I could never re-pay you for all you did for me and Pia Fans. Bless You Buddy. And to the best Mod a fan site owner could have. He brought years of fan site experience to Pia Fans. Thank You Paul. aka. Gazzoo for all you did for Pia Fans. My right hand man from day 1. Thanks goes to Gloria for that female touch the site needed on some occasions with all the male mods at times. Thank You Mi Amore! Also to my other Mods Ami and Vivian for the many things they did for the site in the begining. Great videos Ami, and Vivian's 60 radio station page to get the word out about "This Time" was awesome and a lot of work. Thanks guys for the great job you all did for Pia Fans!

There were highs and lows on each site. Some fans will do many things to get Their Idol's attention, Each site I was invovled in there was no difference between them. History repeated itself on each site. Fans love their Idol. Though some will do the craziest things. Forums, or where people congregate. A website needs trusted honest Moderators to watch over the site for any funny business and protect its identity and mission. Some claimed to be really close friends of Pia. Hey Great! They can help me configure the site even more to what Pia would like. So I promoted them to Moderators to help out. They can find out from Pia what she would like to make this place even more awesome. Though their claims weren't so true after all unfortunately. I was too trusting and guilible. I tend to believe what everyone says until the truth comes out. Like they say. The internet, where everyone tells the truth. I should have known better.

Of course they will be celebrating at that other fan site thinking that their site was the reason why I decided to close Pia Fans. My Lord and Savior as my witness. Pia Fans Jr. had nothing to do with this decision in any way, shape, or form. Speaking of form. It does give me great pleasure knowing this place was pretty darn awesome looking that the layout had to be copied. There are many factors as I said. My health and career comes first over anything else at this point in my life.I have to look out for number one now.

To the Members of Pia Fans. All I can say is. It was YOU guys that made this place what is today. I just ran the engine. All the great conversations, fan art, home made videos, pictures, and so much more YOU guys brought to the site that made up Pia Fans was nothing short of awesome! You spent hours on your projects to bring here to be seen by millions of people and Pia. A special thank you to those Members who gave all their support to Pia Fans, and were dedicated to this site. Thank you for all the messages you sent me to show your loyalty to this site. The Sweet P's are one big great family. If I was a rich man. I'd travel the country to meet everyone of you and shake your hand in person for all you did for Pia Fans. My heart will be forever greatful for all you guys did. You can't have a fan site without the fans. The Sweet P's were the greatest fans to have a fan site for. I do know Pia loves each and everyone of you so much for all you did and still do. You should be proud of what you helped create here. Thank You doesn't cover it my appriciation for everything you guys did here. I wish there was a bigger way to say thanks. I will be eternally greatful for all of you that came on board Team Pia!

As they say. Save the best for last. Pia. What can I say. Thank you for not giving up your dreams. Thanks to your "daddy" for taking you to your 5th audition and finally making it on Idol. I really dont know where to begin or end. To the entire Toscano Family. Pat, Jane, Kimmie, Aunt Geri, Uncle Mike, man so many of you. I'd need another website to thank each member of the Toscano Family. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support from Day 1. Also to Pia's Management Teams for letting keep the place going. All the conversations, and other things along the Pia Fans Journey. I cant thank you all enough. Meeting you Pia that night in Orlando gave me the drive to make this place the best that it could be. You deserved it. Thanks for sending the signed pics for the fans to win. And so much more. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule for your fans here on Pia Fans for the Chat Parties and the posts you left for The Sweet P's to read. You are one sweet young lady, and funny as hell too!

Finally. I did my best with what I had to work with. I tried to have a place that was for the best to come along on Idol in many years. That being you Pia, and for your fans The Sweet P's. I never claimed I could walk on water. Yes I made some mistakes here and there. Though my intentions were always for the good, and what I thought was best for you in my mind. Especially after the transition from just being a fan site to a promotional site. I did everything that was asked of me without hesitation from the Team. The vision of this site was to promote and support you no matter who, or what was in my way. Pia Fans would fufill it's purpose. I pray that the mission and vision of this site accomplished that for you. I feel it did what it was intended to do. I'll always be your Big Bro "Greggy". I pray that all the success in the world comes your way. All the years you have worked your tail off. That day will come with God's timing. Not ours. I cant wait to see you on the Grammy stage accepting your first award and then I can say. Mission Accomplished! You know I never ever said it before. And you know why. But I'll say it now. Love Ya Buddy! The music world awaits you. Go get em! Make me one proud big brother!

So on Monday June 3rd. Pia Fans, the social networks, and phone app associated with the fan site will close down. I want to stay open long enough to finish the Relay for Life donations to help the ACS and Team Sweet P's. If you havent already donated. Please do so. Lets go out with a bang! Then I'll announce the winner of the silent auction signed pic.

For the Members. You will recieve an auto generated e-mail from the site that all your personal information was deleted off the server. No trace will be left behind. I've always had your personal security protected at all times. What took a couple months to build. Will take days to disassemble. Since i dont have direct access to the server dashboard. I'll have to do some of it in the open. The entire site was backed up and all e-mails and DM's will be kept for legal purposes, and in case there are any shenanigans from past members for a period of 1 year. It's gonna feel really strange after so many years getting up, and not have to login to the site to see if its up and running, reading error codes, up-loading module updates, banning spam bot IP's, answering e-mails, and all that goes with it. I will definitely miss this place big time. It will be hard to let go. Separation anxiety I guess you could say will kick in. So with that. I say thanks again guys. The Sweet P's are, and always will be the best fans ever!

It was a blast while it lasted. Many memories were made here on Pia Fans. As the Lord says. One door will close. Then He'll will open another. So now I wait to see what my future holds. May God Bless all of you, and your families. Our roads will pass again one day. I cant say I will never have another fan site. I didnt become a FireMedic for the money. It's fun helping people. It's in my blood. So until then...... tetelestai

MacFireMedic aka. Greg

PS> All the pictures and videos will be sent to the Toscano's so Pia can show her kids and grandkids one day. Look thats Mommy or Grandma! Too Cool. Memories for a Lifetime.
06-04-2013, 09:14 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
I saw Pia on tv tonight for the Hawks game singing the National Anthem! I didnt even recognize her with the different hair until her name showed on the screen.
06-04-2013, 10:07 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
I must cost a lot to start up a fan site like the software.
06-04-2013, 11:08 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Wow! That's kind of sad. But I can't imagine all the work it takes to keep a site like this going. Kuddos to you Miguel for all your hard work. Please don't close Haleyfans. Blush
06-07-2013, 12:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-07-2013, 12:23 AM by Miguel.)
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote:June 7, 2013

To all of my passionate LA Kings fans.. I truly do appreciate all of your love & support.. Tonight's decision to not sing truly crushed me and was definitely not an easy choice for me & my team to make. I sang through a damaged voice on Tuesday night and unfortunately I believe that may have made my condition much worse for tonight. I saw two different voice doctors, am on every antiobiotic and "legal steroid" to make the swelling on my vocal chords go down and after several unsuccessful tries both earlier today & in soundcheck, we all thought it would be a wiser decision for me to not perform and potentially do more harm to my voice & "Your ears Smile" For those of you who think I just decided to sit this one out are sadly mistaken, the notes just wouldn't come out of my voice and I unfortunately wouldn't have been able to do our beautiful Anthem any justice. I am doing everything In my power to get better as quickly as possible.. Always Believe!! #gokingsgo
06-17-2013, 10:57 AM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote:June 17, 2013:Attention All!! @jaredleemusic & I will be doing our 1st #stageit Concert together on June 27th at 5pm PST.. Get your tix now because Jared & I will be DEBUTING new material we have been working on.. So excited!! See you on June 27th!! http://bit.ly/13O4I5x


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