Kate Davis
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Kate Davis
She first came into our collective conscienceness when she collaborated with Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox on their cover of "All About That Bass", which also helped vault Scott's/PMJ's popularity into the stratosphere

She's so young, with all the talent brimming from her pores, she deserves a thread of her own Wink

[Image: 30.png]

Quote:The music of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kate Davis has been turning heads in New York’s music scene since 2012. Whether she’s crooning rootsy ballads or plucking bright riffs from her bass, the gutsy songstress from Portland, Oregon, puts a fresh spin on the standards and brings a canonical sensibility to her own lush tracks.

Lauded by MTV as one of 2014’s “15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop,” Kate grew up with an instrument in her arms and a head full of inventive lyrics. Her lifelong training makes for smart, warm pop that’s as musically nuanced as it is addictive. If you put a mid-career Jenny Lewis album in a room with Regina Spektor’s coloring, Joanna Newsom’s lyric poetry, and a dose of Tina Fey’s sharp wit—then added a couple decades of rigorous musical education and a shift dress—Kate Davis might come strolling out.

Vivid, nostalgic melodies materialize out of Kate’s musical arrangements, her songbird voice complimented by a rich rock ‘n’ roll bass-line. Alternating between achingly soulful and flippantly funny, Kate’s songwriting combines ranging sonic textures with an anecdotal knack. Her lyrics are novel and rhapsodic, cutting through the clichés and trivia of pop parlance to deliver something honest and truly perceptive.She’s performed at such illustrious venues as The Kennedy Center, The Bowery Ballroom, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall—as well as pretty much every noteworthy club in NYC.

Recently, Kate has shared the stage with such diverse artists as Alison Krauss, Josh Groban, Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, and Renee Fleming. Her accolades include a Robert Allen Award from the ASCAP Foundation, and her arts advocacy work includes a presentation at TEDx Portland and participation in the 2010 National Arts Policy Roundtable.

Kate became a New York transplant in 2009, when she enrolled at Manhattan School of Music. There, she met guitarist Gabe Schnider and drummer Conor Szymanski, with whom she collaborated to develop her signature genre-defying sound. The trio continues to pair contagious melodies with crafted musical arrangements and to tell the kind of emotionally resonant stories you’ll remember long after the song is over.

She retweeted a post of a 'new' performance

Quote:YoungArts @YoungArts · 4h 4 hours ago
Dance around your room to "Keep An Open Heart" from @katedavismusic's #ArtBasel2014 performance here at #YoungArts: http://youtu.be/fS6Cq4C5vRw

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 25m 25 minutes ago
Is it weird I get a #PinkFloyd #DarkSide #TheWall vibe from this? @katedavismusic "Keep an Open Heart" #Goosebumps

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 22m 22 minutes ago
I can't put my finger on what it reminds me of, but there's something about the bass, rhythm, mood that feels PinkFloyd-ish
Exposed to so much musicality following Haley it's ridiculous. #Grateful

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 18m 18 minutes ago
@JohnKess I do to, it's very consumeable and so many nice touches during the song, there's a lot of musicality in just that 1 piece to enjoy

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 11m 11 minutes ago
@JohnKess a little Elvis Costello? The melody is uplifting and weighty at the same time, a 'duh' comment, but she's really one to watch Wink

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 10m 10 minutes ago
@JohnKess AATB initial impression is she's 'goody 2 shoes' but it seems in some of her other work, there's a definite edge that's intriguing

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk · 4m 4 minutes ago
Dang I really like that song the more I listen to it ....

She recorded it and posted it on Soundcloud "Keep An Open Heart"


Kate and PMJ perform "All About That Bass" in NY

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RE: Kate Davis

Quote:Bassist and singer Kate Davis steps in at the last minute to perform at the American Voices Concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. When jazz vocalist Kurt Elling had to cancel due to laryngitis, Davis wowed the crowd with her rendition of "I'm Gonna Lock My Heart." This excerpt is from American Voices with Renée Fleming, premiering Friday, January 9, 2015, at 9 p.m
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RE: Kate Davis
Some comments of interest on the Kennedy Center video


Jason Tyler via Google+ 1 week ago

So I have loved Kate's music since I discovered her via Scott Bradlee. But if you have any doubts about her musical chops, class and mastery of the Jazz Repertoire allow me to present exhibit A, on why you should be following her career.

jack002tuber 5 days ago
Jason, this is where I discovered her too. She is awesome. I love that voice. And that bass playing is so cool too. She's my fave musician

Richard liked her PMJ video 4 mos ago (and also liked Casey's and Haley's)
Quote:Richard Brooks 1 week ago
Bravo! Had I known Kate Davis was playing I would have bought tickets.

Subscriber to ScottBradleeLovesYa
Quote:Steven Mercy 1 week ago
Hey Kate. You are great. When is your west coast swing?

A short interview.
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RE: Kate Davis
Quote:Postmodern Jukebox
38 mins ·

Kate Davis just got a record deal!! We're so proud of her and glad we could help introduce her unbelievable talent to so many people - she's going to make a great record!

Check out the article here - this is the "All About That [Upright] Bass" video they mention: http://www.billboard.com/…/kate-davis-si...rd-music-g

Quote:Kate Davis Signs With Concord Music Group: Exclusive

[Image: kate-davis-signing-2015-billboard-650.jpg]

[quote]Chosen by MTV Buzzworthy as one of the “15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop,” Kate Davis has signed with Concord Music Group. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is currently writing material for her debut album. The yet-untitled set is slated for release in spring 2016.

Concord Label Group COO Mark Wexler calls Davis “a stunning musical talent with a wholly original voice whose potential is unlimited.” Concord president John Burk is overseeing A&R for the newcomer’s forthcoming album. Referencing such singer/songwriters as St. Vincent, he describes Davis as a “high-art pop artist with extraordinary yet accessible musicianship and musicality.”

Davis’ “All About That [Upright] Bass” -- her engaging take on the Meghan Trainor hit -- has drawn more than 13 million views on YouTube. In addition to the bass, Davis plays the piano and guitar. Managed by Park Avenue Artists, the Portland, Oregon, native has thus far shared the stage with Alison Krauss, Josh Groban and Ben Folds, among others.

“I can’t wait to make records and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter,” says Davis of signing with Concord. “I gawk at the names on the roster often … Here’s hoping for future records that contribute to their highly regarded reputation.”

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RE: Kate Davis
Hmm.. I saw a tweet about this a couple days ago, I remember because Concord is Casey's old label. I didn't think anything of it because for some reason, I'd assumed Kate was signed to Concord, already Tongue

Quote:ASCAP ‏@ASCAP Jul 9
#TBT 2012: @katedavismusic wins an @ASCAPFoundation award. Kate signed to @concordrecords this week! #WeKnewHerWhen

[Image: CJaG5uVUMAAD2tn.jpg]
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RE: Kate Davis
I don't believe Kate put out an album with Concord and I don't see her listed on their roster of artists.
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RE: Kate Davis
Kate Davis is putting out an album on Kickstarter :-)


I am backer no. 55 SmileCool
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RE: Kate Davis
(10-23-2017, 12:29 AM)Mr Petersen Wrote: Kate Davis is putting out an album on Kickstarter :-)


I am backer no. 55 SmileCool

$49,053 pledged of $30,000 goal

She's getting some good support
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RE: Kate Davis
Although Kate was born in Oregon, she's been stationed over on the East Coast, so what a nice surprise to find out she had a show in Seattle w/ a brass quartet from the Northwest called The Westerlies

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RE: Kate Davis

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