The Voice (Season 13) Finale
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The Voice (Season 13) Finale
Have to say, this is the most excited I've been for a Voice finale in a long time. Until about season 6, the show was kind of cool..offering contestants not normally seen on Idol..and quite frankly, female dominated (my musical preference)

The finale has 3 fantastic female vocalists, and of course a country male singer (who did need the twitter save to get in the finale..)

These ladies are worth a watch though.

Brooke Simpson has a huge voice.

Her best, IMO, was the gospel song "Amazing Grace" that she sang.

Generally though, she focuses on pop-diva hits. She did a great job with Kesha's "Praying"

Brooke isn't snowflake though.

Addison Agen is one of my snowflakes. She's a 16 year old singer-songwriter (her song writing skills are fantastic too.)

My favorite two from Addison are "Angel From Montgomery" and "Case of You" but she's been remarkably consistent, especially for someone her age.

And my favorite, and probably "the" favorite of the competition (With 2 #1s on Itunes so far) is Chloe Kohanski - the raspy voiced 70s/80s rocker. She's an incredible performer..and her tone is special. I think Haley fans would be particularly interested in this one.

Probably the performance of the season is her version of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"

She also broke records (highest charting knockout performance) with "Landslide"

Addison named her musical icon as Joni Mitchell, and Chloe named hers as Stevie Nicks. Thats how you can tell they're good ones. Heart
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RE: The Voice (Season 13) Finale
Quote:And the winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 13 is…
Yahoo Music
Lyndsey Parker
December 19, 2017

Well, it has finally happened. A bona fide rock ‘n’ roll goddess has actually won a TV singing competition! Going where American Idol’s Haley Reinhart, Allison Iraheta, and Carly Smithson, not to mention The Voice Season’s 2’s Juliet Simms, frustratingly could not, on Tuesday night Chloe Kohanski — the raspy, sassy lady who topped the iTunes charts covering Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes, and Cyndi Lauper while rocking Heart-sister ringlets and Bowie-circa-Scary Monsters glittery clown tears — prevailed on The Voice Season 13 finale.

The quirky Team Blake diva took the title shortly after stealing the show with a completely badass, rebel-yelling “White Wedding” duet alongside fellow peroxide-blond rocker Billy Idol — an awesome performance that had fans crying out for more, more, more.

...The Voice has a lamentably shoddy track record with its contestants, but Chloe has a current, marketable look and unique sound. She’s a star, a rock star, and she deserves a real shot. Watch this space.

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RE: The Voice (Season 13) Finale
Yahoo's Lyndsey Parker mentioned Haley Reinhart in the opening analysis:
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RE: The Voice (Season 13) Finale
Chloe was losing her voice at the end, but she made her way into my all time favorites list. Beautiful tone, incredibly charismatic performer..and was finally the Rock chick's turn. Way Way Way over due.
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RE: The Voice (Season 13) Finale
I haven't been watching music shows for about 2 or 3 years now.. but I've got 12 seasons worth of Idol and 8 seasons worth of the Voice watching nearly every show and ...

Just watched these videos in the last 30 minutes (still going)
... I think I might agree that this Chloe might be the most genuine rocker I've seen....

Her covers are not ... perfect... I mean, there are places in the songs where I might feel wait.. that song isn't right for her there ...

... but thats odd .. it isn't like "she should connect better"

it's more .. "stupid song should have fit her better"

Odd feeling ... I don't remember having that feeling.

Yet, she's got a certain grit and poise

... so many of the contestants sort of feel like "posers" or "nice suburban kids who have great voices" (Haley is more than that for sure.. not trying to catch here in that scoop)

Here are a few Pre The Voice covers

bit of zepplin

this one is pretty cool

The band she was playing with was solid .... very good in someways.. but just missing a tiny something... but can't say where ... feel like they need to do some heroin or something to feel their music a tiny bit more (Ok that would be a bad idea ...)

She did this one on the voice but i think I might like this as much
(but the guy doing backup bothers me)


Wow those other finalists were good too.

American Idol is going to have a REALLY hard time living up to the expectations The Voice has been setting with the well seasoned singers it's been having on the show.
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RE: The Voice (Season 13) Finale
It was one of the rare times where the top 3 were the real top 3 of the season.

Addison, at 16 years have that soft tenderness to her emote the way she know who she is as an artist at her age. She's incredible. She's got some vocal control issues when she belts, but that'll be fixed in time. (I remember it took Jacquie Lee about 3 months after The Voice to have her voice under control. Although, I guess not many have the vocal improvement in such a short span of time that Jacquie did.)

And Brooke..again..she needs a vocal coach to work with her, but the talent....When she sang "Titanium" with Sia, and when she sang Amazing Grace..and she didn't go sharp at all...just wow. She's got a ton of tools in her tool box.

Another contestant (who should have been the fourth place finalist, and would have if he didn't destroy his own chances in the twitter save - by literally tweeting out to vote for his competitors), was very interesting. Noah Mac...another teenager, and he played a huge role in producing his song choices every week. Most cases he was always "almost there" with his production, but they were still interesting..and showed a lot of potential. He's also someone that needs a little bit of help vocally, but there's a lot of talent there.

Electric Love (Really, if you don't know the original, listen to it to see how this kid changed it. Really liked the arrangement after taking a lot of listening too it. And he didn't arrange the songs the way most people do..which is to just make it acoustic and not sing all the notes..)

In The Air Tonight

Agree about Chloe..there's something really authentic and cool about her. Haven't enjoyed a group of contestants this much since Season 4/5 of The Voice and Season 10/11 of Idol.

I expect The Voice will be quite strong again next season with Kelly Clarkson.

In terms of Haley as a genuine rocker, I didn't take that as a shot at her at all. IMO, Haley is very mixed genre. She isn't authentically rock, because she's more than just rock. She's a mix of funk, R&B, soul, blues, jazz, and rock. Chloe is a rock artist, who sang some pop/rock and new wave on the show.

Interestingly, when we initially got the list of who made the top 12 (which, spoilers got prior to the show even starting), Chloe was instantly my favorite because of her "Jolene" video.

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