What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
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What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
Quote:I want to write about something that I’ve wanted to share with fellow haliens for a while_my theory on what motivated randy to be such a jerk towards haley. Randy Jackson is essentially a marginally talented musician who has had a knack for being at the right place at the right time. Him landing this gig at AI was a tremendous accomplishment for him. When Haley first auditioned in milwaukee, she indicated she had “done this” before and mentioned Randy as one of the judges that kept her from advancing the year before. Being an insecure man who’s prosperity and claim to some form of fame is heavily linked to the show, Randy inmediately became concerned! What if this girl that I did not like last year makes it big this year? What does that say about my ability to judge talent? These fears could only intensify moments later when haley started singing “oh Darling” with that beautiful voice and steven and the (not yet evil) Jlo were clearly impressed AND eager to send her to hollywood. I believe it was from that very moment, that randy jerkson felt the need to derail her with his ridiculous comments. He felt that haley,by mentioning his name in the audition had disrespected him and now not only did he want to save himself from being asked questions like “what the hell were you guys thinking last year when this girl came in?”- He felt he had a score to settle. How unfortunate.Sweet haley could not possibly have a clue at that time about what was coming her way.

Comment by brandon69 – June 19, 2011 10:17 PM PDT

Interesting theory… it didn’t help when JHo mentioned to Jerkson that Haley held a grudge about not making it to Hollywood last season. That may have also reinforced Jerkson’s hate of Haley for pointing out that he is the only judge remaining from last season responsible for her not making it to Hollywood.

Comment by OzHaleyFan – June 19, 2011 10:31 PM PD

Quote:Along these lines (unless I missed it), they have never shown her Season 9 audition. It was probably pretty darn good and maybe that could also be embarassing for Randy. Of course with no back story, maybe there was also no opportunity.

Comment by gm – June 19, 2011 11:22 PM PDT

You make an interesting point brandon69, but I’m not buying in to this randy looked into the future and was worrying about four months down the road what if Haley wins I’m going to look stupid. Randy Jackson is a multi million dollar nobody do you honestly feel that his opinion overrides the two stars of the show Paula and Simon. And if Haley would have won} the what were you thinking question would have came up for the next several days after the show and then back to life. Now when Haley becomes a highly successful recording artist when they interview her in the future, they are going to ask what were the judges thinking. And she is going to say I don’t know. And an easy answer the judges could use when asked about Haley being rejected the first time around was she not ready and that’s the end of that story. Just use Haley’s logic “whatever will be will be” maybe it was better that she made it this year because she got to grow up another year and get better in her words (top 24 chosen and auditions). So once again this theory is a nice try but I don’t fill like its right, just like all the other theory’s I have heard. But I do believe there was a reason that randy did not like Haley much but I just don’t know what it is. I do agree though that randy is a little sensitive and it showed when Haley tired to shut him up after earth song. But once he got a chance to slam her again he took full advantage of it with the James Scotty and Lauren are tied for first. Man that was mean!!!!

Comment by happy1 – June 19, 2011 11:43 PM PDT

Quote:Mean, immature and unprofessional. He let his emotions get the better of him and acted out of spite.

Comment by Miguel – June 20, 2011 01:58 AM PDT

I’m not disputing any of this, but I just want to add some info about Haley’s Season 9 audition. A Chicago radio station interviewed Haley’s aunt who talked about it. She said that Simon rejected her on the basis that she “sounded young” or something along those lines. Obviously, some other judges would have had to reject her as well, but I just wanted to put that out there.

Comment by dkw – June 19, 2011 11:54 PM PDT

Quote:Making Haley wait, whatever Simon’s reasoning, was a huge blessing in disguise for her, I think. Of course, she’d be devastated when it happened, but it gave her the opportunity to hone her skills, get more stage experience, go to school, etc. And even this season, she started out shaky sometimes. She’d come out swinging and then do something that didn’t work. Then knock it out of the park, and then do something that didn’t work, until the last five or six weeks, when everything she did started to work, and you were thinking, “Wow! She’s done it. This is her groove, right here.” I think watching her figure all that out was one of the most interesting things about her “character” on the show, for me anyway. And it’s possible that if she’d been younger, she might not have been able to pull it off. Maybe she would. Who knows. But waiting a year, in the scheme of things, didn’t really do her any damage at all. Plus she got the “try again” lesson, which I think is good for people to learn, especially when the end result is that you come in third on American Idol. It puts rejection into perspective.
That said, Randy is still a jacka$$. Smile

Comment by MA – June 20, 2011 08:12 AM PDT

I think the producers had a lot to do with the comments this year. In my opinion they were very stupid. I would much rather watch a fair show than the absolute bunch of crap that went on this year. Even the part, with Nigel going on facebook and saying Haley was going to sing a new record and he hoped all her fans would support her. That was complete crap-it was just to get everyone to watch the finale. I never watched the country sing off. I have a real problem when people try to pull the wool over my eyes, so to speak. What they did to Haley was horrible, so they could have their little country kids win. All they did was make me not want to buy a Scotty or Lauren song, watch their videos or anything else. AND in allowing this stuff to go on all those 10 and 12 year olds went on itunes and everywhere else and called Haley all kinds of names. A lot of the adults, mostly stupid women that can’t think for themselves were listening to Randy and then elaborating and calling Haley all kinds of uncharming things. This all leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth for the producers of AI allowing this. To me, its just a shame that a young girl or woman can go on a television show for a competition and ends up being treated terribly because she is so talented and ruined all their little plans.

Comment by Old Sarah – June 20, 2011 12:31 PM PDT

Quote:Randy went overboard to be nice (Top 3) night because he went “overboard” the previous week (Top 4) when he went at Haley.

Remember there were all sorts of reports from behind the scenes top 4 night (Earth Day Massacre), that after Randy said the infamous “Everyone but you, Haley” remark, EVERYONE including Nigel and Ryan rushed to Randy at the desk at commercial break, as Haley stormed off crying getting ready to do IWHN. I think AI knew they stepped over some line and rushed to tell Randy to knock it off.

It was reported that Randy could clearly be heard saying something like “What was I supposed to do?”. Don’t forget that even Nigel, in his Idoloonies interview, admitted that Randy went overboard in that situation. That guy admits nothing so it had to be serious enough.

Don’t let Randy fool you, he was nice because he was told to, not because he felt sorry for Haley.

Comment by Tusk – June 20, 2011 10:37 AM PDT

07-21-2011, 03:38 AM,
RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
I guess we'll never know why Randy and J Lo were so unfair to Haley. I've read all kinds of speculation. Some say Haley's emergence as the dark horse threatened the Powers-That-Be's plans for the country-kid finale. Some say Randy had it in for Haley because she mentioned that Randy rejected her in season 9. Some say that Haley was criticized because she deserved it.

I tend to go with the analogy that was put forth by Slezak: Haley was invited to the party, but she had overstayed her welcome. The hosts of the party tried every strategy they could think of to get her to leave. That's the explanation I accept.

So much so that I will never, and I mean never, watch American Idol again as long as Randy and J Lo are on the show. I've watch a good part of all 10 seasons, and Randy and J Lo have finally cured me of my American Idol addiction. I can't look at either one of them without feeling disgust because for whatever reason, they treated this talented young woman so shabbily.

I hate it when the mediocre people in this world treat the superior people so poorly. By superior I mean people who have talent and take great pains to develop it. By mediocre I mean people of marginal talent, who acquire a position of power by means other than talent and hard work. You know, the typical pointy-haired-boss syndrome.

07-21-2011, 03:46 AM,
RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
(07-21-2011, 03:38 AM)schmozlo Wrote: You know, the typical pointy-haired-boss syndrome.

[Image: 6a00d8345275cf69e20133f26834ff970b-800wi]

07-22-2011, 08:40 PM,
RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
I like this comment made by Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo!'s Reality Rocks after Haley was eliminated:

Quote:Haley was thrown under the bus so much, I was beginning to wonder if this show was sponsored by Greyhound.

07-23-2011, 11:27 AM,
RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
I tend to agree with Tusk that Randy went overboard nice on Top 3 night so he could have a comeback when people rip on him about Haley. He can point out his praise for her and say he was balanced in his judging. One Slezak video had isolated Randy's mic where he said "I'm not rooting for her" just after the "You and I" performance on Top 5 week. Randy's "we got love moment" with Haley after "I Who Have Nothing" performance was so awkward, he seemed so nervous and couldn't stop talking. Ryan had to tell him to shut up because he was getting on everybody's nerves.

This is my biggest complaint of Season 10, Randy and Jlo made no attempt to hide their affection and pimping for certain contestants. It is the reason I sent an email to AI informing them that if Randy (this dawg has died) was back for Season 11, we are not going to watch anymore, after having watched for nine seasons. I feel good about the decision since we put such a big piece of our heart into supporting Haley. Now we can support her full time with no distractions for another season.

07-23-2011, 11:58 AM,
RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
She killed "You and I" and the criticism of it killed me.

The criticism that it was a bad idea to choose an unfamiliar song was stupid, not deserving to be mouthed by one judge let alone two. But when you can't say anything else bad, and don't want to say anything good, what are you going to do?
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RE: What was behind AI's unbalanced judging?
My take is that the AI producers -- Nigel and company -- identify early on who that want in the finals. Lauren and Scotty were selected early and James was solidified in the middle rounds as a choice. Slezak nailed it with his comments about her crashing the party and other observations. The judges are just tools: Randy-head tool and JLo-guest tool. The producers want to create a glide path for the favored contestants and this is done in several ways including the back-story or lack of, the edits, and the feedback. Normally they could be subtle about this and people don't much remember the details from early on. The negative feedback demoralizes the contestant and influences voters (and journalists and bloggers -- a narrative is created that they buy into or repeat because they are lazy). But Haley kept nailing it and getting better, so the producers had Randy and JLo crank up the negatives. They even got ST to throw in a "started kind of slow" remark about RITD, although JLo and ST balked at scripted criticisms after she sang Beautiful. The producer's people watch the dress rehearsals provide the judges with the spin they want in their comments.

Of course, eventually Randy and JLo looked stupid, mean and nasty. After HOTRs and IWHN it was apparent that the nastiness wasn't working -- it just fired up Haley and gained her some sympathy. I think Randy's standing ovation after WIASNB was actually a kind of reversal of their psychology-- don't trash what was obviously great. They may have known she would have some trouble with parts of YOK, which would be her last performance of the night. They also were seeing the weekly vote numbers that showed that Scotty was clearly going to win it.

Ultimately the producers ignored the fact the their #3 choice, James, was voted off. He had a homecoming concert anyway (heck the plans were already in place). He got his record deal etc. It's worth remembering that this show is American Idol, and the producers aren't that concerned with finding the best voice -- they are looking for a marketable performer/package. Haley did not fit their mold (and they don't fit hers). I do agree with comments I read that in the way they unfairly handled Haley, they ultimately gave her an experience that helped her grow, and they unwittingly allowed her to create her own narrative.

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