Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies & Associates
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Casey had an Instagram live video, Jacob was handling his phone Scott suggested things for Casey to do (jump over things, ask some girls out, give free hugs, parkour etc) So I asked Jacob to tell more about meeting Joni.

He said she was sweet, funny they exchanged info and he's going to go to her place and have coffee with her...

Jacob's trajectory is on a very steep incline...would not be surprised if he works with Joni sometime in the future....Great going Jacob!
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Joni might be able to arrange for Jacob to be the part of something, but a personal performance by her seems unlikely as she's had a rough go of it mentally and physically.

Quote:The Canadian star, who had hits with Woodstock, Big Yellow Taxi, Chelsea Morning and Both Sides Now and helped to define the counter-culture generation of the late 1960s and early 1970s, tells of her agony in a stark new biography.

...Joni says in the memoir just published in America: “At the height of my illness I could not even wear clothing. All the time it felt like I was being eaten alive by parasites living under my skin. I couldn’t leave my house for several years. Sometimes it got so bad I couldn’t walk and I’d have to crawl across the floor. My legs would cramp up, just like I was having a polio spasm.”

She beat crippling polio when she was nine but all the symptoms of her childhood disease appeared to have returned as a result of the little-known and barely treatable Morgellons.

As a result she had to cancel a performance she had longed to give, at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Since then the condition has eased, although she has had to give up singing because “six decades of heavy smoking have finally robbed me of my voice”.

Even now she admits that she suffers from insomnia and acute paranoia and fears that whenever she leaves her Los Angeles home she is being stalked. Joni says she understands the irrationality of these feelings and accepts they are only in her mind but adds: “It all feels real. The turmoil is constant.”

Story about the event where Jacob met her:

Quote:Joni Mitchell makes rare public appearance at Clive Davis' pre-Grammys gala

After recovering from a stroke and aneurysm in 2015, Joni Mitchell made a rare public appearance on Saturday at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter was feted at the star-studded dinner by her industry peers, including Judy Collins, who also performed a tribute to Mitchell.

During his speech, Davis talked about Mitchell’s monumental impact on music. “She’s one of the most important female recording artists of all time and one of the most influential songwriters of all time,” he said. “She really is the quintessential true artist with a creative mind….she communicates not only through her music but through her expressive artwork and photography. She’s a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s been presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Academy in 2002. Because she’s truly one of a kind, she holds a special place in the heart of everyone in this room. To have her in this ballroom tonight, this has been her favorite night for the last several years, is just so very special to me.”

Quote:Among the guests who RSVP'd yes to the 2017 edition of the Davis function were Britney Spears, Neil Diamond, Chance the Rapper, Maxwell, Jennifer Hudson, Taraji P. Henson, Michael Keaton, Quincy Jones, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Jeremy Renner and Ryan Seacrest as well as industry executives Sir Lucian Grainge (chairman, Universal Music Group), Doug Morris (Sony Music CEO), Len Blavatnik (owner, Warner Music Group), Apple CEO Tim Cook and CBS chief Les Moonves.
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
LOL yeah, Joni has had a life, for sure, I probably used a little hyperbole, but being told by someone such as Joni that she likes his work...that's like getting a blessing from a BeatleExclamation just really, really happy for Jacob. He is 100% quality, every time I've met him... In Seattle, LA and San Diego, even the SMYM video shoot, he went out of his way to meet fans and am surprised, pleasantly surprised, at how big these last two years have been for him...

It's one of those things when you know someone is exceptionally talented and to see them being recognised by Icons in the industry.... He may be one that I'll look back fondly at our meetings and think "I knew Jacob way back when...." Cool

He's still really young but so talented, combined with how genuinely nice he is, I can't help but be excited every time his talent and personality take him to another level Big Grin

Of course I have a TON of faith in Haley, Casey and expect great things from them, it's just when I first met Jacob at CityWalk... I think he was 19.... I remember Ira, Casey's Dad, just beaming about how great that Sax guy is... I expect great things from Caley, but never did I think Jacob would climb so high so fast ... very proud and well deserved Big Grin

PS I trust that Jacob will share his successes w/ his buds...that's the community that Haley, Casey, Scott, Jacob etc live... we all get to witness it from the beginning
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Quote: Watch Anderson .Paak Recording New Music On A Rooftop In Hawaii

Anderson .Paak is working on the follow up to his 2016 album Malibu in Hawaii. The artist shared a short video featuring his NxWorries collaborator Knxwledge yesterday alongside the message, "“Working on the new album in Oahu for a week. (sorry no sxsw).” It's possible "the new album" is the recently announced record from his band, The Free Nationals.

The short video, which catches .Paak in his element on a rooftop, begins with a quote from Nina Simone and includes a rumination on the true nature of freedom. "Being fearless and being able to express, that's true freedom," he says. "I feel like I'm closer to God when I make music. I can do extraordinary things."

Anderson .Paak recently opened up to Flying Lotus about his future endeavors, telling the producer that he and The Free Nationals have been "getting their album together and seeing their potential."
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
YouTube videos from a few years ago featuring Jacob Luttrell.

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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Tom Scott

Interscope brought in B.o.B. for Haley's first album, while John Burk brings in Tom Scott for HR3. I know that Burk's role in this is an assumption but I think it is a good one and, regardless his presence is one example of the difference between the production of this record and Listen Up!

I posted a bit about Tom on the HR3 album thread, but decided to explore his work a little further after watching the video Tusk put up on the making Deacon Blues (on the Random thread). Tom arranged and orchestrated the horn section on the Aja album and played on some of the songs. His credits on Aja read: "Guest Artist, Conductor, Flute, Saxophone, Sax (Tenor), Lyricon, Horn Arrangements, Horn Conductor, Primary Artist"

We've all heard Tom's work before -- with Steely Dan, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Joan Baez, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Eddie Money, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Donovan, Quincy Jones, Randy Bachman, Pat Benatar, Harry Nilsson, Paul Williams, Steppenwolf, the Grateful Dead, Frankie Valli, The Blues Brothers (founding member), Glen Campbell, Randy Newman, Barry Manilow, Dan Fogelberg, Blondie, Dolly Parton, Hall and Oates, Neil Diamond, Sergio Mendes, the Carpenters, Barbara Streisand, and many others.

He plays the sax on this old favorite of mine

Played on and arranged orchestation on the soundtrack to A Star is Born

Player and arranger

Played with Toto

Player and Arranger on Court and Spark

Player and arranger

The jazzman

Tenor Sax

He played with Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies in 1969

Quote:I'm a veteran composer, arranger, producer, musical director and saxophonist, having earned 3 Grammy Awards and 14 Grammy nominations over four decades. I made my first record as a leader in 1968--at age twenty. The number of my solo recordings now stands at 35.

I've been a guest artist on more than 500 recordings—by such diverse artists as Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones, Thelonius Monk, the Blues Brothers, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and Aerosmith. Contributions as a player and arranger include Joni Mitchell’s Court And Spark, Steely Dan’s Aja; hit singles like Carole King’s Jazzman, Paul McCartney’s Listen To What The Man Said, Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy & Soulbook, Blondie’s Rapture, Captain & Tenille’s Do That To Me One More Time, Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You; and on movie soundtracks such as Taxi Driver, Bladerunner, Heaven Can Wait, Sea Of Love, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc.

A darn good resume to help on a record with retro inclinations.
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
Scott and PMJ released a new album today on itunes. I looked down the track list hoping for a new Haley track but alas no such luck. New songs by Puddles and S10 alum Thia Megia are the top downloads so far. I wondered what happend to Thia. I thought she was too young when she was on AI but she had a pretty good voice. This new PMJ song Feel Good Inc. is pretty good.
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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
(04-06-2017, 02:33 PM)popfly38 Wrote: Scott and PMJ released a new album today on itunes. I looked down the track list hoping for a new Haley track but alas no such luck. New songs by Puddles and S10 alum Thia Megia are the top downloads so far. I wondered what happend to Thia. I thought she was too young when she was on AI but she had a pretty good voice. This new PMJ song Feel Good Inc. is pretty good.
When I saw that Feel Good Inc. was going to be Thia's cover, I was excited for the possibilities....The Gorillaz as a band/project, one of the newer things in the Music industry I enjoy, I like their media savvy design, output and approach on top of their quirky, off beat musical direction....but the 30 second clip I heard, while Thia sounds really refined on it, I wasn't as sure about the arrangement

Perhaps, it's one of those things I need to hear it a few times to 'get'

The original:

On the other hand, Thia's voice has matured, hopefully she can gain performance seasoning by touring with PMJ. Touring with PMJ, with Morgan & Ariana, elevated Haley's stage performance, it could do the same for Thia

PMJ Alumnist Robyn Adele Andrson also posts Vintaged covers of modern songs and has also tackled The Gorillaz, before Scott, another Gorillaz hit, Clint Eastwood:

The Original

I think photo of Thia's make up/ dress for PMJ

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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
[Image: 17663775_1844776959177788_6215951664642260992_n.jpg]

YEE! Fake Blues is #1 on iTunes jazz! Thanks to @scottbradlee for making me a part of a kickass album also featuring my idol bro @caseybassy Shout out to my girl @haleyreinhart for makin' it all possible Heart #linkinbio #fakeblues #postmodernjukebox #feelgood

H/T Avelene

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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies
(04-06-2017, 07:30 PM)Tusk Wrote:
[Image: C8xO9BRVYAA3QUi.jpg]

[Image: Haleys%20Birthday%20Gift_zpsg9q7mxhy.jpg]

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