Lake Street Dive
02-12-2015, 11:32 AM,
RE: Lake Street Dive
I missed your reply MAE but I also watched the whole thing through a couple weeks ago.

It was really fun to hear their different approaches and I don't remember hearing more than a couple (if that) interviews with song writers where both they and the interviewer actually was given the time to talk about their process without trying to cram a huge undertaking into a few pithy sentences.

I imagine the wonders of video cameras in everyone's pockets(phones...) will let us see more and more of these great sorts of sharing that the mainstream media would never have done for assumptions about audience size of the endeavor and dumbing it down and making it quick to maximize size of audience.

I'm sure people like Paul McCartney have gone to music schools and given guest lectures assuming an audience of musicians and talking as such but we just haven't seen them yet. I also think the audience of people who'd like it is far bigger than mainstream media thinks : if people can watch it when they want and start and stop at their own pace the number of people who'd like to watch them in the right circumstances could be far larger than what audience they could hold at say 7:30 on a Wednesday night.

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