Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
10-08-2020, 10:01 PM,
RE: Haley in "F IS FOR FAMILY"
(10-08-2020, 03:38 PM)ssm93 Wrote: Well I wasn't really being serious. Just idle speculation.

No worries, I just wanted to add context to the news story

The day the season renewal/final season was announced, for whatever reason, I decided to look at the 'bright side'.  So I posted/tweeted celebrating the renewal, not mentioning that it would be the final season.

I messaged Haley

1.  Now the writing team can end the series on their own terms, instead of suffer the fate of a majority of Netflix Originals & Network TV, often ending after two or three seasons and leave their fans w/ cliffhangers that will never be wrapped up

2. Rarely do Netflix originals get five seasons

3. Her Networking now includes award winning people in Movies/TV 

Music is a tough business to break out, especially as an independent artist.  I think Haley's growing Network in different media affords her more opportunities, and her people skills are some of the best I've encountered.  It'd be nice if she took some acting classes in her spare time, in case that opportunity presents itself.  

Don't forget, Haley's cameo on the Netflix Robert Rodriguez movie "We Can Be Heroes" is scheduled to drop soon, if not this October.  With all the streaming services hungry for content, if Haley continues to get these opportunities, who knows, the big break might come from all the people she's worked w/ from this show.
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