Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
06-08-2019, 02:39 PM,
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
Last year, my channel got 5.7+ million views total for the whole of 2018.
Half way through 2019, my channel already has over 4 Million views
[Image: 270c-1f3fb.png]
2019 off to a pretty great start Smile

[Image: D8kOOvNUcAE3422.jpg]

[Image: D8kOe69UYAAlACr.jpg]

5.1 million total views in 2017

3.5 million total views in 2016
2.2 million total views in 2015
08-07-2019, 02:34 AM,
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
09-01-2019, 07:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-01-2019, 07:05 PM by Tusk.)
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
Last year ended w/ the most views my channel has ever had in one year, 5,761,000+.  Yesterday, my channel just passed that mark with September, November and December left to go... It's possible I might get 7 million views in 2019 Smile

[Image: EDa7ZLAU0AAWsV9?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: EDa7ZLAVAAAF7yn?format=jpg&name=medium]
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RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
First performance of a Haley original song to pass 100,000 views on my channel (in 14 months)

10-11-2019, 07:24 PM,
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
Good God this is Good

11-12-2019, 09:27 PM,
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
"These Boots are Made for Walking" from WTS Lincoln Hall show lends probably the bulk of it's 356,000+ views to Haley's Ribfest performances of "White Rabbit".  The Mic Check WR was posted July 2018, the show WR was posted September 2018.

It's probably one of my personal favorite editing jobs.  Ryan's camera work combined w/ mine really gave some fun opportunities, it's the only video I edited that does an overlay trick near the end, where you can see both Haley and her boots Smile

[Image: EJOG_9gUEAA2CEY?format=png&name=small]

12-04-2019, 11:16 AM,
RE: Radio: KHALEY-You're the DJ
Channel just passed 8 million views so far in 2019✌️?
Also passed 70,000 subscribers (gained 20,000 in less than a year) and 25 million total views lifetime for my channel, meaning approximately 1/3 of my channel's total views came this year.... ?

[Image: EK60rzOWsAEQtbe?format=png&name=small]

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