"BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
(06-16-2016, 06:28 PM)dswim2 Wrote: I get really disturbed by the marriage comments. It's one thing to have a celebrity crush, but the marriage comments are another thing....

Anyone else feel this way?

Most are lighthearted. If someone who barely knows her is serious to the point of being obsessive, that would be a cause for concern.
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
Quote:Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom 21s

"Black Hole Sun" by @HaleyReinhart and @PMJofficial official on the verge of 100K views on its first day of release... 97,845 presently
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
PMJ FB link shares
Quote:This flat out wins the internet. Kim just told me the singer is 25. Ridiculous. She is bad ass. And this arrangement....oh my.

Quote:Ok, I never thought of "Black Hole Sun" as sexy
But this did it Big Grin
Well done

Quote:i just went through a few of her postmodern jukebox performances. Everything she does is phenomenal.

Quote:Haley teams up once again with PMJB to do this amazing performance. I love this girl...'s voice. Great song.

Quote:Holy hell, this is the best (next to the original) version of this song EVER! Haley Reinhart kills it at the end!

Quote:Kill me this is so good her voice isn't human

Quote:She's Back....

Quote:She's done it again. Just so damn good. Black Hole Sun cover...(the end is killer)

Quote:Haley is a phenom!!!!!

Quote:Hell...love this damn girl



Current: 140,425 views
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
Quote:Postmodern Jukebox ‏@PMJofficial 7 hours ago

@HaleyFansDotCom @HaleyReinhart it's actually at 170k views right now, your YouTube hasn't updated but the analytics shows it

^ Haley liked PMJ's tweet

Quote:Puddles Pity Party
19 hours ago
Holy cow! That's incredible!
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
At the end of the CNN article : Friday's 5 Things

[Image: CNN%20Black%20Hole%20Sun.jpg]


Quote:Their latest video is a cover of Soundgarden’s 1994 hit “Black Hole Sun,” sung in a vintage stage show style by the incredibly talented Haley Reinhart. You may remember Reinhart from her American Idol days, or from the other Postmodern Jukebox songs she’s performed, including one alongside the one and only “Sad Clown With The Golden Voice.” The original Soundgarden tune is hauntingly beautiful in so many ways that make it perfect for retooled into different styles. The slow and mostly spoken-word verses of the original, along with the slower still and almost droning tone of the chorus, make it a song lodged in the deepest pits of our memories. The fact that “Black Hole Sun” is so indelibly marked in our in our minds allows us to relax to this beautiful swingy/big band version. The song is so familiar that it’s easy to flow along with every bit of PMJ’s rendition reveling in Reinhart’s voice as she playfully handles the otherwise monotone counterparts of the original.
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
This one cracked me up in the comments:

Quote:Meh. . . It's not her best.

Seems like fame got to her head and she barely tried in this piece; or tried to hard.

Um which is it...she tried too hard or barely tried, they are opposites! Sour grapes are always so obvious.
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
If someone gets the oppurtunity, they should tell Haley to put her newest PMJ video on her website somewhere when she has the time Big Grin
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
Currently:251.720 views HeartHeartHeartHeartBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
15.820 likes CoolCoolCoolCoolCool
111 disl.AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
BHS continues to occupy the #2 spot on the itunes jazz chart. I looked back at the Creep thread and even that powerhouse did not immediately hit #1. I think it took the top spot on the third day. So, we'll see. However, all of Haley's other PMJ songs have been moving up the charts nicely. Creep is once again in the top ten -- coming in at #7 at this time. SNA has moved up to #15.
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RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video
Quote:Oz Monroe
1 min ·

I'm speechless...I...I think she *may* have just out sung Chris Cornell...and on his own song no less...

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