New Management (Maverick)
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New Management (Maverick)

[Image: Dbpb8bKVQAEyrFj.jpg]

Someone else from Season 10 signed w/ them? "Maverick" sounds familiar for some reason....

Contact info changed, Derek is no longer listed...

[Image: Dbpd5VbV0AEcU0q.jpg]

Of note, in the last couple weeks, a verified "Jay Michaels" had been liking many tweets in regards to Haley, and she liking his tweets. Up 'til now, I couldn't make the connection. Turns out, according to her new contact info, Jay is taking over for Derek.

I guess what should be of note is Derek really never did anything like that, he was a more 'passive' manager type, not pro-active.

That Jay is doing this w/ Haley's mentions... might we be expecting a more "hands on" management style?

[Image: DbpfN08U0AAAqDR.jpg]

(PS He recently followed me and a few fans a week or so ago....kind of silly we didn't draw the connection sooner)
04-25-2018, 10:55 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)

Hopefully, that means they're cooking up some new music for this year! Wink
04-26-2018, 01:35 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)
Maverick was started by Madonna. Long history, no longer Madonna.
Now a collective of managers.
Steven Tyler is at Maverick (Regin Deer Management)
Likely a Dina Lapolt association.

Jay Michaels used to be Program Director at 1037KVIL (DFW).
If he's her new manager, this is a new gig (he left KVIL back in Jan.)
Be interesting if he's a new memeber of Maverick or if he just joined one of the other management companies that's part of Maverick.

Folks here may well remember him.
Jay Michaels jaymichaels13 1 Dec 2015
Jay Michaels Retweeted ALT 1037
Don't miss the DFW exclusive premiere of my girl @HaleyReinhart new single & get ready to be blown away!!!!
Jay Michaels added,
ALT 1037 @ALT1037DFW
More exclusive music coming up 12N CST @HaleyReinhart #CantHelpFallingInLove listen live @Radiodotcom #Exclusive
PJ @PJHaleyR 8 Mar 2012
Replying to @jaymichaels13
WOW!! RT @jaymichaels13: @haleyreinhart Hangin w/ @haleyreinhart backstage at Glitter & Glam!
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RE: New Management? (Maverick)
Dina is his sister-in-law.

Quote:Radio Ink: Who do/did you look up to or admire, and why?

Jay Michaels: I look up to my market manager Brian Purdy who has helped me grow as a manager over the last three years. Other people throughout my career who have had a profound effect on me include John Peake, Joel Folger, Jim Ryan, Pat Paxton, Michael Martin, Tom Poleman, Chris Oliviera, Jeff Sottolano, Darren Davis, Wendy Goodman (RCA), and Dina LaPolt (the best entertainment lawyer and sister-in-law).

[Image: Jay-Michaels-Pic.jpg]
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RE: New Management? (Maverick)
I knew he looked familiar Tongue

...and can I just say, you’re missed as one of the OG Halien detectives F8 Cool
05-17-2018, 11:01 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)
Quote:Jay Michaels is at Rockwell Table & Stage.
6 hrs · Los Angeles, CA ·
Happiness! 5 days with this superstar Haley Reinhart ❤️ so grateful
05-17-2018, 11:14 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)
Can’t see if not on FB Undecided
05-17-2018, 11:40 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)
Instagram comment exchange


@kenphillips750 Haley ❤️

@kenphillips750 we love Ken!

Ken is a publicist. This might be an indication Haley and Jay have formed a relationship with him. Or had lunch together and Haley approved of him. Maybe he outlined some plans. Ken liked the two FB posts made about the Troubadour show.

Quote:Ken Phillips, who celebrates over 20 years of PR experience this year has created and directed national publicity campaigns for artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Navarro, Joan Jett, Jonas Brothers, Capital Cities, Cheap Trick, Taylor Momsen & The Pretty Reckless, Goo Goo Dolls, Sixpence None The Richer, Godsmack, Joni Mitchell, Van Halen, Hanson, Pentatonix, and American Idol’s David Cook, Lee DeWyze and James Durbin among numerous others.

The Ken Phillips Publicity Group, Inc., located in Los Angeles is a full service independent publicity firm focusing on national TV & press campaigns as well as tour press, etc.
05-19-2018, 12:44 AM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)

[Image: 137f88d01ab024a9334269f4cdcabc2b_750x600.jpg]
05-19-2018, 01:25 PM,
RE: New Management? (Maverick)
New management looking good. Responsive to fans in social media, various gigs with visibility and association with big names, and associated with Dina Lapolt. Visible and active in contrast to previous management.

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