Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
Thanks all for posting the videos of this awesome concert! WOW! Just WOW! Smile
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
RMD posted these in Jeff Goldblum's thread, I'll answer what I can...

To preface, If you didn't know, Haley's team has been posting my video on Haley's channel. All I knew was they were working on getting passes for both Greg and I, and I was grateful to finally get it, they wanted access the Troubadour's board for me, but there wasn't enough time to work that out, fortunately, my mic set up did a better than expected job on the audio, better than I could've hoped.

Just like in Europe, they wanted to OK any video posted. Difference is, in Europe, they gave me the OK to post any video I thought was good on MY channel, after OKing the first video. This time around, they want to OK every video I post because this time they'll be posting them on Haley's channel. I've asked but not got a reply on which performance I can post on my channel. I haven't posted a new one for two weeks. It's unknown if there'll be some performances that may never allow to post. I have no answers other then what video they want me to edit and even then I don't know if they'll post it. I was afraid they wouldn't post LMF, but they finally did yesterday

(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • On the setlist I saw on Twitter there is another song called “Centerpiece”. Is that a new song? Any info on that? Maybe it is under wraps??? I know the Haley Team has some new rules on sharing videos. I would also love to see “Somewhere In Between”, her opener, on video.

Centerpiece was a 3 part harmony of a song the Reinharts apparently used to sing, Alex Frank played bass, Harry played guitar.

I just hope they let me post on my channel what they don't want for Haley's. It's possible they won't but I hope they do

(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • Glad to see “Lover Girl” made a sultry appearance. That tells me it might be under consideration for HR4. And good!

(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • So sorry, but Catie Turner to me was a real disappointment. Maybe she was nervous or something, but she clearly was not at her best. I did not watch Idol much this year, so maybe she shined on that show, but that night with Haley, her performance---was kinda weak and not so much for me. Haley was just in another zip code from her. Sorry Catie funs, MHO.

Tastes are subjective. What is clear is Catie had the most followers from that Season of Idol, engages her young fans who are active. Things you can't say generally about Haley's fans who probably average in their early to late 30's. Marketing is about bringing the most demographics to your client as you can. Currently, even posted after ET which many of Haley's fans like, Catie's performance with Haley is Out pacing ET in views, 3 to 1, 12,000 views to 4,000. So the marketing does have it's reasons...

If we really want Haley to succeed, we shouldn't be upset when she does something we may not care for, if the reason for it is to raise her profile. We know and trust Haley's instincts, but we wanted her to sign to a 'big' label, that's what happens, labels make their decisions up on what the numbers tell them, not her 'long time' fans. We got what we wanted, Haley is signed to legit entities in the music world... this is what it feels like. Good news Haley's taking a step forward, bad news, we won't have the freedom, maybe the songs we want. Be glad Haley probably has reserved some rights to make decisions, but this is what Labels/management are hired to do

(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • Did her beau Drew join her at all during the show, on stage?

No, the show was packed with stars and honestly, outside of Haley and Drew's fans, it wouldn't have the marketing impact they'd want (see above reply) Drew did play a nice set before Haley. He reached out and asked if I could post his video on my channel so he could promote it.
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • Just think about this again for a moment. Robbie FUCKIN Krieger from the Doors played with her on “Light My Fire” Damn. Damn.

I had actually tweeted out weeks before that it made sense Haley cover LMF at the Troubadour which the Doors performed at. Then we saw that amazing performance for that charity even w/ Krieger, after which I supposed again if she'd perform LMF? and she liked that tweet.

Then I heard through the grape vine that he is coming, but I didn't want to get my hopes up until he was actually on stage.

When I first submitted LMF for OK, their first concern was it's length, 7.5 minutes, asked if I could take off Robby's comment at the end. I told them that would only save 40 seconds and there was nowhere to edit the performance shorter. I explained the context of this performance outweighed views lost due to length...especially among her older fans who like rock. That's why I was concerned they were going to hold on to LMF for awhile. I was very relieved when they gave the OK to post yesterday Cool

After the show, many of us waited for Haley, Patti came out, eventually Haley, but Harry never came out again, I thought it likely he was hanging w/ Robby Smile
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
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(06-26-2018, 01:11 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: • Glad to see “Lover Girl” made a sultry appearance. That tells me it might be under consideration for HR4. And good!

Jay Michaels & I had some direct messages where I asked if it was OK for me to change my "Lover Girl" video from Unlisted to Public and his response was:
"Steve we are going to post tomorrow! So if you can leave it unlisted that would be huge !" and followed that up with "All Good"..."Really All Good"
I don't see where there is any issue with me posting this video:

without the annoying strobe lights blasting out your eyeballs. The Ironic thing about this was - about an hour earlier this large group of a dozen Haliens meet at a Mexican Restaurant and when it was time to get to the venue for the VIP Ken Smith (at the end of the table) said "I'LL TAKE THE CHECK PLEASE" not realizing that Haley would be singing that line twice in the next couple hours. Most of us paid him back for our share of the meal.
[Image: MfxsU7.jpg]
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
I wrote a review for Rachel's page, including Greg's photo, also I made a short video of comments from the show made by Scott Bradlee, Catie Turner, and of course Robby Krieger (at the end of the article)

[Image: Dgq1UW0VQAAFZXf.jpg]
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
They originally asked for LKG to be the next one, but there was a woman yelling "Put Your Phone Down!" at the end of the guitar intro and right before Haley began singing. So I skipped to edit the next song they asked for.

But last night (usually when I get my epiphanies Sleepy , I realised, the rest of the video/audio is great, there had to be a way to make it work. So I began the video when Haley begins singing and edited out the guitar intro entirely. It seemed they liked that decision and posted LKG (extended version) instead of what they were going to post Big Grin

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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
I've started a playlist of #TeamHaleyFans videos on Haley's Youtube in set order, for how long they're going to put it them on their channel. My hope the entire show makes it up....

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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
They were supposed to post another song yesterday (pushed back twice now :/ ), but I sent them CHFIL yesterday and they thought it was too powerful a performance to not post next Tongue

Am still stunned I got such good audio. After years of fudging w/ sometimes questionable audio, this is the best non board audio I've ever recorded (with a little tweeking bringing Haley's voice up a little more) Cool
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
[Image: 36159631_470894346702835_152268568447995...WGg0w0Smvw]

#TBT that time you got to hear a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer complement you onstage at your own show .
#haleyreinhart #thetrubadour #lightmyfire @thedoors #thedoors #RockAndRoll #RockAndRollHallOfFame #momentintime #lifetimememories #passthetorch .
@babbs234 .
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RE: Haley at the Troubadour - June 21st, 2018
[Image: DiFmFe0VQAAIn_t.jpg]

[Image: DiFmFe0U8AAYlzH.jpg]


#haleyreinhart sang #OopsIDidItAgain #SunnyAfternoon #Creep at #thetroubadour with @scottbradlee on Keys. “Sunny Afternoon” is a #Kinks classic Haley and Scott recorded on Haley’s 3rd album #whatsthatsound? •

Ever the hype man for PMJ and the acts who comprise of his Motley Crew, Scott took a moment to tell the fans to remember this moment, reminding them what they’re about to witness....Heart .

9 days earlier, Haley raced over to the Troubadour from another gig to appear and perform at Scott’s book signing #OutsideTheJukebox at the same venue. Scott performed at Haley’s debut at the Troubadour in 2015.

Get you friends who support each other

Photos @greg_wms @Babbs234

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