Happy for Haley
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Quote:Jennie‏ @jbizelle 7h7 hours ago

Heard @HaleyReinhart for the first time on Discovery of Witches tonight... paused the show and listened to every song of hers I could find for 2 hours.
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RE: Happy for Haley
Planning to travel from Austin to Dallas to see Haley:
Quote:Troy Herman is with Woody Coffey and 6 others.

I am so stoked that I have tickets to Haley Reinhart's show, VIP of course, the only show in Texas (Dallas) she is doing this year. Intimate club show. If you have not listened to her soulful vocals you are missing out on this amazing young lady Haley Reinhart. Soulful. Seductress. Hypnotic.

Date night with Judy My love. I thank her for turning me onto this young ladies amazing vocals (FYI. My Judy sings amazing as well; she doesn't do it for events any longer per se - just to family/friends when in the mood). Mix her in your playlist.

Posted "Don't Know How to Love You" with this post. Then replied to himself to add "Honey, There's the Door."

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