Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
I emailed Harry Angie's performance and their performance w/ Alfonso. After I emailed Harry the link CMAR, it still bugged me how loud and echoey it was, so I worked on it more to something I could 'live with', so deleted my earlier versions (I output 9 different versions.... I knew this was an important performance for Harry because he was so excited to perform w/ Alfonso....so I kept at it. The final version, the one I ended up making public, was the 9th one.

Yesterday, Harry replied, he loved Angie's video, was surprised how good the sound and video were "I'll tell Ang"....but then he said, for some reason, the video w/ Alfonso is lost or wouldn't play, where was it?

I explained I wasn't satisfied w/ the version I linked to him earlier so wanted to work the audio better, so I linked him to the version I ended up publishing (the 9th....didn't realise there's a Haley 'connection' there even Tongue)

Harry replied minutes after I emailed him the link to the 9th version, possibly my favorite email I've received from Harry.... All that was in the email was 3 letters Big Grin

[Image: Do1FShfU4AEVieb.jpg]
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
Thanks for the posts of those videos Tusk.

Surprised HF is still up. Sad if all this disappears -- it has the most complete archive and history pertaining to Haley's career. Undecided
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
He got a week extension on the 21st....no update since...

I've been thinking on this actually before this potential loss of HF when I've had to look up something Haley related. If you look far enough back, you will find that there's alot 'gone' from even this site, as well as what was posted on Idolforums.

Unlike books, digital posts only last as long as there's some server that's still hosting it or someone is paying to keep it active. There's numerous photos that no longer exist in these pages, or videos for that matter, that are no longer viewable either due an account expiring or due to deletion... an example, remember when Haley chose Yahoo to debut "Show Me Your Moves"?....well, that video on Yahoo's aritcle about it, no longer exists, while the article still does (as long as Yahoo still exists): https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/blog...52268.html

It is a part of the 21st century that I don't think most of us are aware of until it's 'too late' into the future when we realise alot of 'knowledge' was lost due to it being recorded digitally. Even at a modest size as this page, it'd be quite an effort to 'save' as much knowledge as we can, so much info has been posted over the years....

You might say there are other pages that records Haley stuff...not as specific as we have, usually in a very cursory way, and not near as complete... alot of what they post there, they got from visiting HF and only pick and choose what they want to post

You might say, but pages in books eventually fade or disintegrate? This is true, but a book needs no power to work, you don't have plug it into anything and often there are multiple copies of a book....there's only one HF...

As sad as it might be to think on, if it doesn't happen soon, it will happen eventually Tongue

(ps...just had a thought, I posted alot of my adventures at HF...thought I should go save my re-telling of my Carnegie Hall visit and Lollapalooza since it's the only place I posted them Blush)
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
I have an external solid state hard drive with about 650 gigabytes of Haley Reinhart videos, photos, graphics, articles & some posts in about 500 directories and 20,000 files & 3 Recorders with HDD drives should online fan sites crash. I've also made a practice of burning DVD's to give to Haley and/or the Reinhart family for their archives on a fairly regular basis as a semi-permanent physical record of their events over the years. They probably have over a hundred DVDs from me.
It seems there are only three and a half active Haley fan sites left...the half being idolforums that I see Tusk has been trying to re-invigorate being that the Haley page is rather stagnant there. Rachel does a great job with HaleyReinhartNews.com although it's not very interactive but she has kept it current and the archives are great. This Haleyfans site is the go-to place for event news, updates, memory videos and is very nicely organized to be able to find old info, but has just a few hundred members on board. FB Halienation has about 2200 members and Roz searches out and snags all forms of social media posts pertaining to Haley but it has no organization and can be very haphazard cherry-picking your way around especially when new posts of the same thing get posted separately one after another forcing more important things off the bottom of the page. It would be great if there was one place that had many thousands of Haliens contributing in a very well organized archive that could be backed up on a regular basis on a server that would never crash.
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
I made some comments in the technical tread on the site update (where I guess they fit as badly as under the PAVE heading):

Quote:An important point is raised by Tusk: that the discussions are not happening anymore. I also dropped out at some point. I do come back a lot to read, but find I rely more on twitter feeds. But it is not the same. This requires some careful thinking. The function of HF as an archive of the beginnings will remain important for the future historians, but for the us and now, I agree with Tusk that the community is what made it. For me, one problem has been that there are only so many times that one can state how fantastic things are, how wonderful the music, how great the talent. Or speculate on what may be next, or how Haley works, or what she might do. It starts becoming repetitive. Much has been said many times. While of course new things come up. So what, besides the flow of information keeping us all updated - which here indeed totally is a hard labor of love by Tusk, John and Miguel + a few others, which is greatly admire - what else could be done to create new discussion that is fun to join? I am not sure I know the answer but it is worth thinking about. Because the next step would be silence. I, for one, would be pretty cut off from keeping up to date with what is developing. But I seriously understand that for those still posting it is more of a task by now and not that much fun anymore, despite all the dedication. And half of the fun is feedback and thoughts and community around the information. Or did people wander off to be engaged with new discoveries? The world of music is endless, thankfully. So that is going to happen, too, which does not mean of course leaving interest in Haley behind, as she is unique. Or is it just that a dedicated niche following necessarily changes character when the act breaks more into sucess? For me, HF was always characterized by two things, an open and friendly community of great people - wonderful meetings online - and a joint deep love of music from different perspectives. HF never was superficial fan tabloid talk but always paired with passion for music in all its forms.

As an aside, what are the archive mode options? That could be looked into, if the site were to freeze at some point, how to keep it up to date as an archive. Not that we're there yet, if ever.
I agree with you, Himm, that a go-to place for Haliens with the different modes of quick news, substanital news, discussion, opinions, archive would be great even if it is a distributed thing. Probably hard to pull off, not just technically. Maybe the forum format is too leaden in today's times, I am seeing other forums also struggle more than they used to. We got too customized to the twitter and facebook ways. But we should not give up on words, and the meaning of words.
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RE: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
Angie performed her new song, "Lighthouse" at P.A.V.E. w/ Alex on keyboards


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