Michelle Chamuel
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Thanks! Like I said, she's really sweet. (And very friendly and easy to talk too.) I'd never met anyone I was a fan of before. So that was fun.

I studied for the bar exam.

Unfortunately, I've also come to the realization that I do not want to be a lawyer, nor do I want to live in the area where I took the bar exam from. Tongue

It was still nice to have a bit of an escape from it. Haley was much of the same for me. (Her Idol run happened on my first year/hell year. And I was struggling with my roommate a bit.)

The ted talks were great. There was a guy who came on after Michelle, who was absolutely hilarious. He had a goal to get his works of art (glass marbles) into a museum. And he has this project (called project infinity) where he gets people to hide his marbles (called them planets) all over the world, in hopes that eventually they'll be discovered and archeologists will try to figure out what they are. I know it sounds odd, but he was truly hilarious.

Michelle seems to be all about helping people understand music. Which is really cool. Even though she seems to get nervous, she's always interesting and entertaining when she speaks. (Quite frankly, on The Voice, I liked her interviews as much as I liked her performances.)
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
EW is streaming Michelle's first "Michelle Chamuel" single.


Very catchy. It's one of those "self love power anthems" (Brave, Roar, Fighter..etc..) that seem to be a little cheesy but very popular.

I've got it stuck in my head.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
MIchelle performed on the Voice last night Big Grin Awesome. She couldn't hear herself so there were a few pitch issues in the verses (Go Bandzilla!) But she really was great..and she's so passionate.

I wish the video showed the awkward but loving interaction between Carson and Michelle afterwords. The difference between Ryan and Carson is huge. (Not any better or worse..just very different.)

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle was also on The Today Show. (I'd like to know how she manages more promotion for herself than Interscope did for Haley.)

That's was fantastic, imo. And it's pretty adorable that she can't stand still when singing.

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle performed in Ann Arbor at "The Puck Stops Here" NYE event. She performed with her former bandmate Tyler Duncan, (they form a duo called S/He. And they are apparently coming out with an album together at some point this year. Which is awesome, because that might be my favorite Michelle music.)

There's a lot of videos online (I'm only going to post my favorite song they performed.). Poor thing was clearly freezing. But she sounded great, from what I can tell of the videos.

Here is "Here With You"

Michelle is also coming out with an EP on Tuesday, called Drift. It's another collaboration with a Michigan producer. You can already get "Not Now" which is the first single off of the EP.

She's also writing a song with Mary Lambert, which I'm really excited about. Mary was at the NYE event too.

Basically, she's throwing up music like Tim Burton throws up color. Kind of a spoiled Michelle fan, right now.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
As mentioned, Michelle's EP (with a producer from Michigan. She'd actually been working on this music before The Voice.)

This is my favorite track from the EP. It's so...etheral. Michelle's head voice is so pretty. It's called Floating.

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Wink  RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle was at the Grammy's this past weekend. This is, probably..one of my favorite pictures of her..ever. (I doubt she'll wear those heels gifted to her.)

[Image: tumblr_mzzqfxf5bX1szyhvdo1_400.jpg]

She was there to support her new girlfriend, Mary Lambert. Most Michelle fans have known for about a month. Mary's absolutely adorable about it. (I thought it was obvious when they first started working on music together that Mary had a big ole crush.) Incredibly talented and lovely human being. (I'm actually going to her show soon!) She's got a heck of a back story too.

But this seems to be making the media rounds, probably making Michelle incredibly uncomfortable in the process. (Michelle has appeared to be an incredibly private individual.)

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Cute video of her and the two guys who helped her write the song recording the studio acoustic version of the song. Michelle gets so into it. Big Grin

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
I was youtubing, and it tends to eventually lead to Michelle and/or Haley videos. I found some highlights from a performance her old band gave (Ella Riot/My Dear Disco). Michelle's vocals are fantastic. I really love this band too. It's very interesting to see good electronic music.

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Good show. They portrayed her as shy on The Voice, but that was a pretty raucous audience feeding off her.

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