Michelle Chamuel
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
The audience on The Voice always seemed to favor Michelle. The massive eruption after "Trouble" (And a few others) were pretty incredible. I'm excited about seeing her in person at some point because I have a feeling she's exceptional live.

I do think she's shy or some other word similar though. She wore glasses and big clothes with this band to essentially hide herself. So I think it's a matter of her simply getting into the music on stage and losing herself in it.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
She released a song for Valentine's day. It's pretty cute.


On a side note, if Haley starts releasing music without a label, she should consider bandcamp. It's pay as you will (you can assign a minimum price if you want.), and from what I've heard, people actually do pretty well.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Also, heres the lyric video to the song. Still really cute. Tongue

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle had a live Listening party of her upcoming album at the Rockwood NYC cafe. I got to attend, which was a lot of fun.

Michelle's voice is stunningly beautiful live. It's clear as a bell..just incredible. I thought she was a very good singer from the show, but even more so live. (She's another human auto tone as well. I don't think she hit one bad note. Which is impressive..but she also played a show on NYE in Michigan..outside...where she also didn't miss a note.) I compare Haley's voice to a sax, I think Michelle's tone is most like a violin.

She's really into vocal dynamics..much more so than any singer I've listened too. Funny enough, on television (and in youtube videos a bit too) it can sometimes sound like she's struggling with notes..but on her recordings..and live..you can tell it's intentional. It's almost like..She delivers this delicate small vocal..and it's just..perfect.

It seems like Tyler Duncan and Theo Katzman (both part of Darren Criss' "Listen Up" tour and one was a former bandmate of Michelle's) are both part of the writing process, and likely part of the "Michelle Chamuel" band. Which is great..those guys are a lot of fun, and the group seems to have very good chemistry. (This UMich grad class is great..)

One little tidbit that I don't believe is on video..there were a few girls in the front row who were screaming (ear piercing screams.) It was a very small stage. There were maybe 10 seats on the ground floor, most everyone was standing..and probably 200 people were there total. (at most..). Before about the fourth song, Michelle was going to go more into her acoustic set, she put the mic down, walked over to the girls, shook their hands, asked them their names..and then asked them to stop screaming. (She intended for this to be private, but being it was so small, word got around what she said.) And then told them they were being cute. It was very funny, and I think it made those girls night.

Anyway, a fan caught a majority of the set (except, I believe that moment was edited out) online.

If you only watch one of the videos, I'd suggest this one. Michelle likes to explain how to make music/her musical process. Her genre is "alt. electronic pop." To produce this, she creates these beautiful acoustic simple songs, and builds off of them. This one she sang for us was called "Golden."

I really can't even describe how stunning her voice was live on this song. (Especially considering the difficulty.) But the melody itself is just..so beautiful. I really hope she releases a recording of this as a bonus.

Here is the full version of the song, which will be more like what's on the album.

I also really like "When Did We Lose The Love"

And this was also one of my favorites. I also liked that she had a little growl going with this.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle did a 4 night show in Ireland as a part of the "Atlantic I/O collective." Which seemed to be a group of musicians that new each other some how. (I think Tyler Duncan, Michelle's former bandmate..current duo mate..and also someone who is helping her with her solo career) knew the Irish guys and they joined for this.

She covered a few songs, that were more traditionally Celtic like "The Lakes of Ponchatrain" she also covered a Bjork song..and sang a few of her own.

"The Lakes of Ponchatrain" Like I said, a traditional Celtic song

"1000s R Sailing"

"Hyperballad" This Bjork cover is particularly gorgeous

"Prayer For Tears" This is a Michelle original

"The One To Glow" which is a S/He (Tyler Duncan and Michelle Chamuel) song

"Go Down Singing" Which is Michelle's song.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle did an event for Houston Pride on Friday. Blake Lewis from American Idol also participated.


She sang some of her new songs (Lottery, Golden, Go Down Singing..although there isn't a whole video of that one out there) and the Pontchartrain cover. She also sang an acoustic version of "Here With You" which is part of her collaboration with Tyler Duncan.

First, I'd really love to see her do an acoustic album. From what I understand, she's very picky about the way her voice sounds when recorded, and she loves the tech toys, but her voice is so beautiful..that it would just be wonderful to hear. ("Golden" was so gorgeous in person. The audience was silent by the time she finished the song.)

Vocally, her and Haley are so different (although they do have some some similarities..pitch is typically perfect and both have a jazz background. But how they sing and their tones..although both very distinctive..are very different) but one thing both do that amazes me is how quickly they can flip between chest voice and head voice. Most vocalists will only do the flip at the end of phrases or to add an accent (similar to a belt..) But both Haley and Michelle often incorporate it into verses and choruses..switching between head and chest quickly and flawlessly. It's hard to do that flip once, never mind several times and on pitch. Even Christina Grimmie..who has a headvoice that can rival anyone..never flipped in such a quick fashion. Personally, I think it's one of the most difficult things a vocalist can do. And the notes that both Michelle and Haley choose to do it on, are unintuitive. Actually, now that I think about it..I should listen to some jazz..because I wonder if that's common there..and it would make sense for both Haley and Michelle to catch on too it.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Quote:Vocally, her an Haley are so different (although they do have some some similarities..pitch is typically perfect and both have a jazz background. But how they sing and their tones..although both very distinctive..are very different) but one thing both do that amazes me is how quickly they can flip between chest voice and head voice. Most vocalists will only do the flip at the end of phrases or to add an accent (similar to a belt..) But both Haley and Michelle often incorporate it into verses and choruses..switching between head and chest quickly and flawlessly. It's hard to do that flip once, never mind several times and on pitch. Even Christina Grimmie..who has a headvoice that can rival anyone..never flipped in such a quick fashion. Personally, I think it's one of the most difficult things a vocalist can do.

mercfan, I'm not certain, but I think that you might be referring to "the break" between the head and chest voice that most of us are -ahem -- "blessed" with, but some singers don't have. Ella is a classic example. I'd noticed that Haley didn't seem to have it either.

It has nothing to do with jazz itself. It's physiological rather than based on a specific type of genre. However, perhaps women who are "more blessed" (that is, without that noticeable break/flip) are drawn to jazz where they can utilize that flexibility to mimic what those musicians playing instruments can do.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
We're probably talking about the same thing. Just the ability to switch between the two, and do it as rapidly and accurately as Michelle and Haley do is something that I find is kind of rare, particularly because they don't do it at the end of phrases and for only parts of phrases..it's just interesting.

I think though, we are talking about the same thing, because one of the reasons I thought the jazz influence might have something to do with it is because scatting is where you do hear it. And seeing as they are two people whose voices remind me of instruments (Sax and violin) that makes sense that they would mimic those sounds..which means they'd be likely to be drawn to jazz.

I guess though, what's more interesting to me is where these two have a tendency to choose to switch between chest voice and head voice. Sometimes it's right in the middle of a word (Several times in the middle of a word) or phrase. It's just in a different place than most songs tend to be. (Think "Oh My" during the verses). Most singers chose to make that switch at the end of phrases. And as much as it seems subtle, it's actually really difficult to do. (In fact, the few times current pop singers do that..it's always auto-tuned and during live performances they don't do it.) And it's especially weird for me, because these two vocalists really don't have much in common vocally with the exception of an influence from jazz. (In some ways they are complete opposites. Michelle is incredibly picky over how she sounds. In fact, I get the sense that each note..even in what might typically be a spontaneous run..is well thought out and practiced. Whereas Haley seems to prefer improvisation. I think their musicality is about equal but what Michelle could break down and discuss..probably in mathematical formulas in some cases, Haley just understands intuitively.) So it's just something that I noticed and was curious about.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Hi Merc.. just wanted to let you know you're being read : )

I enjoy Michele and certainly respect her talent.

Her Ted video (which I'll insert here with a different link than you gave for posterity sake)

... really approached some things I've been knawing at on these pop music sites.

I really think all covers of all songs do .. or at least can... bring some "world view" of the singers ... and I mean that in a useful way..

I liked how she defined pop music as art (why would we have it if not? listen.. or some similar quip) and musing on how art is about touching people and it is the message within a delivery of a song that.. well that Delivers to the state of mind/soul of the listener,

Its not just the voice which is only the tool not the product (although a shotty tool creates shotty products too).

I liked her references and theories about how the history of a family is present in every day psyche's and how the phsyche of the parents in part forms their children they raise to some extent too.

Her conviction that the role of a musician is to speak to people and that popularity is based upon pertinence of a message needed by the audience was spot on I think.

Adolescents with their body's changing and beginning to have adult responsibilities put on them and pulled so many ways socially and academically must need music that makes a complex world simple... which might be jarringly sappy to older people who in varrying degrees want bigger issues and more dexterity or beauty or all sorts of different things different more adult people would hope for. I suppose some adults want the world reduced to a few simple things that tend to numb rather than open minds....a night on the town dancing is more about forgetting the world and just living physically so any music that inspires thought might be poor art in fufilling its purpose of lifting worry's temporarily from an audience.

I heard Michelle say something like that in her own words in ways that probably have given me a different understanding that I cannot yet put into words.


I liked her thoughts... or at least how she attempted to put to words and example aspects of music and psyche that escape words .....at least escape words that don't mean drastically different things to different people.

I think it also drives home a message that different people NEED different messages from music and that quality might not translate from person to person despite a talent. I'm not sure Michele speaks to me.. I'd say she doesn't actually.. but I do HEAR a consistency of approach to make me really understand how she'd be reaching people with that wonderful tool and trained use of it that she does her expression with.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Thanks Smile I keep going with this thread because Michelle does a lot of fun things (really interesting career path so far) and the view count does suggest readers...but it's like Haley, if you can get 20 people to take a listen..it's worth talking about.

Personally, I find I enjoy a variety of different music. One of my favorite parts about these shows is the expansion of my musical taste. I wouldn't have known who Led Zeppelin was if it wasn't for Haley, and now they take up a lot of my music library. With Michelle, I didn't think I liked electronic music. In fact, before her..I would have said I didn't like it. But when it's done well, it's quite good. (And..essentially through her I've found a lot of music. Some of which I love, such as Hana Malhas or Imogene Heap, some of which I find is a little too out there for me.)

That said, I wasn't quite sure how fans of Haley would respond to Michelle. It doesn't surprise me that a Haley fan wouldn't be drawn to her. I think they might have shared the "anyone but country" fanbase for the reality singing competition fans..being in the same position as the last non country artist remaining. But other than having a jazz influence and an abundance of talent..the two are really different. Both in tone..Michelle's voice is clear as a bell live. She has a slight rasp when she belts but to call it "rasp" in comparison to Haley's voice is almost laughable. Haley being raspy and colorful. But further into their preferences. Michelle prefers electronic pop (I've heard it described as alternative Jazz fusion electronic pop..which is probably the best description you can come up with.) type of music..Haley is very organic and old school. Michelle is incredibly picky with her recordings and loves to use technology to enhance her art..Haley loves the organic old school nature of music. Michelle is very rehearsed throughout vocally, her performance ability and stage presence is what makes me "Feel" something, whereas Haley loves vocal improv and it's honestly where I think she's most brilliant. Very different artists and on a Haley site, Michelle's style is certainly different. Voice artists like Jacquie Lee, Bria Kelly, Clarissa Serna etc..would seem to be something that is more similar to Haley. (Speaking of Jacquie..during youtube videos, she's also another one that likes to play around in her head voice, flipping back in forth in unusual places and creating a different sound there. But she struggles to do it live..likely because of her tendency to sing a little too loudly..)

So after that long winded explanation, I'm not surprised that she's not an artist that speaks to you or some others. But for me, I've certainly learned a lot from following her..both in terms of different ways a musical career can progress and about music and my own preferences.

With the Tedx talk, The funny thing about Michelle is, I enjoy listening to her speak as much as I enjoy listening to her music. I find her to have incredibly interesting things to say, and she seems to like to help people understand music even if the actual act of talking in front of people is not something she likes to do. She did that some throughout her show in NYC and it was something I really enjoyed.

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