Michelle Chamuel
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
On June 27th, S/He (Michelle Chamuel & Tyler Duncan. Tyler was in the band Michelle was originally in, and he's also writing with her/part of her band for her new album. S/He was a collaboration between the two of them.) performed at Electronic Forrest. Seems like it was an Electronic Music Festival. Similar to the one Haley went too.

I tried to wait for more video to post this, but I'm not surprised there wasn't any more. When this video scans the crowd, I actually thought "They all look like they could be related to Haley. We aren't getting any video of this."

So here's a clip. It's actually in a forrest, which I think is pretty cool.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
(06-23-2014, 07:20 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: ...................That said, I wasn't quite sure how fans of Haley would respond to Michelle. It doesn't surprise me that a Haley fan wouldn't be drawn to her. I think they might have shared the "anyone but country" fanbase for the reality singing competition fans..being in the same position as the last non country artist remaining. But other than having a jazz influence and an abundance of talent..the two are really different. Both in tone..Michelle's voice is clear as a bell live. She has a slight rasp when she belts but to call it "rasp" in comparison to Haley's voice is almost laughable. Haley being raspy and colorful. But further into their preferences. Michelle prefers electronic pop (I've heard it described as alternative Jazz fusion electronic pop..which is probably the best description you can come up with.) type of music..Haley is very organic and old school. Michelle is incredibly picky with her recordings and loves to use technology to enhance her art..Haley loves the organic old school nature of music. Michelle is very rehearsed throughout vocally, her performance ability and stage presence is what makes me "Feel" something, whereas Haley loves vocal improv and it's honestly where I think she's most brilliant. Very different artists and on a Haley site, Michelle's style is certainly different. Voice artists like Jacquie Lee, Bria Kelly, Clarissa Serna etc..would seem to be something that is more similar to Haley. (Speaking of Jacquie..during youtube videos, she's also another one that likes to play around in her head voice, flipping back in forth in unusual places and creating a different sound there. But she struggles to do it live..likely because of her tendency to sing a little too loudly..)

So after that long winded explanation, I'm not surprised that she's not an artist that speaks to you or some others. But for me, I've certainly learned a lot from following her..both in terms of different ways a musical career can progress and about music and my own preferences.

With the Tedx talk, The funny thing about Michelle is, I enjoy listening to her speak as much as I enjoy listening to her music. I find her to have incredibly interesting things to say, and she seems to like to help people understand music even if the actual act of talking in front of people is not something she likes to do. She did that some throughout her show in NYC and it was something I really enjoyed.

I've been thinking about this a bit the last few weeks Merc.. meant to get back to you with one particular thought right away...

... I think there is a very good chance I will relate to what Michelle says when she says it about a different part of her life ... her philisophical bent will be interesting when say.. she has two young children and is enjoying the fullness of that... she won't feel like an oustider if she finds the right place and feels like she's in the shoes of all the other mothers etc.. and SINGS and Writes....
.. she'd need to move to Bainbridge Island in Seatle or something to feel like she's just "one of the girls" mabye ? lol

But, I appreciated the time you took in that paragraph pointing out very interesting and I think truthful differences in style .. pre meditation etc which will never change... .
... you might be right on that ... that it is more that seeking sorts of order musically as "home" (ted talk) is a bit different from Haley's tendancy to savor and admire at the chaos ?

Ok already wrote and essay today. .. michelle does have something intriguing about her.. she might grow a direction I do like....

I can picture her maybe writing something like John Lennons "Imagine" one day ? never know.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Well, I'm apt to write a book. Smile

I think "intriguing" is a very good word for her. The interesting thing about The Voice is that a contestants story is told with, and at times through, the eyes of their Coach. In the Michelle/Usher pairing (which ended up having an incredible amount of chemistry) you could tell he was very intrigued but unsure of her at first. It took him until the live shows to get her. And although, in terms of marketing, Usher "manic pixie dream girl'd" Michelle a bit (I think recognizing that the quirky relatable girl next door can be more appealing than the perfect All American Girl. Michelle was the Jennifer Lawrence to Danielle's Taylor Swift. It almost worked.) I think it was genuine. She does have something about her that is interesting, but can leave some people going "I don't get it."

I think she's very into the "celebrating who you are" message. And I'm sure she has had to grow into that, given her feeling of displacement from her family history, sexuality, interest in different things, and quite frankly..I think her intelligence contributed to a feeling of isolation.

Having said that, Michelle writes about relationships of all types, her relationship with herself, her relationship with other people, with the world. I think most artists write that. But, as much as I enjoy the more electronic style of music she creates, I prefer her in an acoustic setting with the piano. (Like the acoustic version of "Golden" over the finished product.) One of my favorite pieces of music that she created was this short song called "Growing Away From You (The Leaf Song)" Which is simultaneously about a relationship that was once good but is fading and personification of two leaves next to each other on a branch and how they fall off the tree in the winter. She can create, what I think, is stunningly beautiful songs when it's just her and a piano. My hope is that there is at least one song on her album where she does that, or even a bonus track.


And I agree, a song like "Imagine" "Let It Be" or "Something" is very Michelle. (Another difference between her and Haley, for me. It's not that Haley does not have the ability to sing beautifully, but when she sings with her guts..and the growl and squalling comes out ..thats where I prefer her. "Oh Darling" is the Beatles song that best suits Haley, IMO.)
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle played at Sonic Lunch last thursday. Sonic Lunch is a series of concerts held in Ann Arbor for free. ZZ Ward actually played there earlier this summer.

Here's a few songs that were played. She premiered three new ones. The audio is pretty good given it's an outdoor venue.

The first one "Money" is adorable and catchy. I'm not sure, but I think it's likely that this is a song that Tyler Duncan and Theo Katzman played a large role in writing, at least the lyrics. It just has that silly drama/theater boy (very Darren Criss) feel too it.

Another new one is "Wake Up." It's more of her motivational style of music. She sings it beautifully.

"Give You" is actually my favorite of the new ones she performed. I just like the melody. And it has a sort of old school feel despite being electronic pop.

She also sang a song from her Reverb Junkie Album, which tended to be one of the favorites from the album. It's called "Worth." It's one of my absolute favorite songs she's ever done, and I like it better as a regular song rather than her chopped up studio version.

Finally, here's my favorite of what I've heard from the upcoming album. "Golden." (The full version, rather than acoustic.)

Seems like she's also going to be doing a tour, she keeps dropping hints about what cities she'll be visiting. I know she'll be around me in November, so I'm hoping to catch that show.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
So, Michelle (and TheEnd Records) announced today that she would be releasing her Michelle Chamuel LP through them. (It appears as though she has been signed, but I'm not sure.) I'm a little surprised she went in this direction, she seems like she wanted to have full control..even in things like packaging (but an indie label obviously offers more control than a major label.), but it probably makes more business sense to go with an indie label. (That seems perfect for her.)


She announced a November tour. (I suggest anyone who is somewhat interested, to go. She's awesome live. Plus, it's like going to a music class.) And her album will be out in early 2015 (I thought it would be out around the fall, so maybe there's some actual promo of the first single..we'll see.)

Also, you can get a free version of her updated "Made For Me" song on her bandcamp. http://michellechamuel.bandcamp.com/track/made-for-me-2

It's a cute song. She's got a lot of cute songs.
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RE: Michelle Chamuel
Apparently lots of little Michelle goodies this week. (You might have to click on it to view the interview.)

So album released February 10th.

Her single comes out October 7th (tomorrow) and it can be listened to here. http://music-mix.ew.com/2014/10/06/miche...etwaterENT

It was one of my favorites from her live listening party (although I did like all the songs) and it seems to be the favorites of the fans.
10-15-2014, 09:15 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle has a lyric video for "Face The Fire"

She also did a fantastic interview with pollstar.


She talks a lot about her creative process, which I think is really interesting. As well as some background on her, including her battle with stage fright. (Which is interesting to me, because she's such an incredible performer.)
10-18-2014, 10:06 PM,
RE: Michelle Chamuel
Michelle performed an acoustic set at a Keurig Cafe opening.

I kind of wonder if she was a little sick because she didn't go for higher notes as much. (Haley does that when she's under the weather, most do.) Either that or she's gearing up for tour. It's strange for her to not sing note for note what she typically would.

She did four songs (That I know of.) "Go Down Singing" ..she did an absolutely beautiful cover of that. "Golden" ..which is always beautiful. I really hope she releases an acoustic cover of that, at some point. "Money"..which actually is reggae influenced, although you can't hear it as much on the keyboard. I also have a strong suspicion that it was written mostly by the two guys she's usually with. (Mostly because it has a "guys from a theatre program/songs Darren Criss would write" feel too it. Also because she has a tendency to chuckle while she sings it.) And "Face the Fire" her new single.

I just love acoustic sets, wish I could have gone..(going to the November 15th show...which reminds me...I can't wait until Haley comes to the Northeast..)

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
A really fun conversation on the AndrewAndrew show. (Although, not very much about Michelle's music.) I find Michelle's thoughts are always just as interesting as her music. Such a smart woman. I would love to hear Haley's thoughts on the cell phone/technology thing. Something tells me she would agree. (you don't have to download anything, I don't think..I think all you have to do is press play..that's what I did.)

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RE: Michelle Chamuel
She did another interview. I've always said I like listening to her talk as much as I like her music. (In fact, I became a fan of hers in her prepackage before her audition. Where she was able to put into words feelings that I have - about being an introvert - that I had no idea how to say them.) And as always, she's got some interesting things to say.


She talks a bit about Usher in this interview. My respect for the guy is through the roof, and I've really become a huge fan of him, because of the way he treated (and continues to treat) Michelle and the rest of the people he's coached on The Voice. Most contestants come away with a positive experience from this show (pang for Haley) and are treated well, but everything that has ever been said about Usher suggests that he went above and beyond for every single individual that was on his team. (Although, Michelle was clearly special too him.) From pulling people aside in early rounds to talk about their future and what their next steps are in their music career, to staying extra late hours to work with his contestants and their performances. He really put his all into it. (not that the other coaches are bad by any means, I've just heard a lot of extra praise about Usher.). And once again...makes me appreciate this show more than Idol.

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