Happy for Haley
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RE: Happy for Haley
Latest comment on "Free:"

Quote:Hendri in Kiwi Land
2 hours ago
Just found out about you and your singing talent. You're one of the best singers I've ever known. Don't ever give up in reaching your dream.
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RE: Happy for Haley

I discovered this amazing artist called Hailey Reinhart and I haven't stopped listening to her!!!

From Port Harcourt, the capital and largest city of Rivers State, Nigeria. It lies along the Bonny River and is located in the Niger Delta. Home to about 2M people.
04-06-2019, 07:22 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
Comment on the "Lo-Fi Soul" video:

Quote:beleisbi11 0

Really liked the video..gives me the chill vacation feeling that we all love...and there should definitely be more people to hear her music right now, Haley your new album is amazing!!
Just discovered your music when I was listening to the Postmodern Jukebox and doing researches about that woman with the fantastic and unique voice! Really glad the I found this music, and I hope more and more pople will!
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RE: Happy for Haley
Love is Worth Fighting For at the Hotel Cafe

Quote:Ron Rhee
2 hours ago
not quite sure why this showed up in my suggested fee, but I'm really glad it did!
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Dani T is at Springfield Aerial Fitness.

I’m not mad, I’m just focused.

...things I wish people got. I’m just intense, yo. Full heart, sword in hand, fire in veins.
Doors are open, wind blowing through, Hailey Reinhart’s new album blasting, and new delicious silks to put up... long day of teaching and training silks, lyra, rope and pole... #heartisfull #springtimefeels 

Quote:Sasha N. love me some hailey Reinheart! I use a lot of her stuff in my yoga classes! 
Quote:Katia Snow you guys made me curious. will go try YouTube to listen to Hailey Reinheart. Need new music for my yoga 
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Kimeber @kimeber   1h
More Kimeber Retweeted Heather
Yes I agree with you... I was pulling up on my iPad videos of Haley Reinhart doing “Bennie and the Jets” and Alex Lambert doing “Trouble” as IT SHOULD BE DONE So my SON CAN APPRECIATE HOW GOOD AMERICAN IDOL USED TO BE ? #ameicanidol

Everyone got a prize tonight.

Haley BONUS:

Quote:T Dubs @Yoshirox10  2h

Quote:Melinda Doolittle Verified account  @mdoolittle
That girl is gold!!!

Full one minute version after Benny performance reminded viewers of Haley.
04-15-2019, 08:41 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley
[Image: D4LQ1CLWwAAsCtZ.jpg]

Quote:Rich Mohr

I had no clue as to who she was, just a gorgeous smile! Then I checked out her music... take my money!!!! That voice!!!

Quote:Antonio Lopez

Amazing voice!!
04-16-2019, 01:41 AM,
RE: Happy for Haley
[Image: D4NN9dIXkAAerFg.jpg]
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RE: Happy for Haley
Comments from tonight on YT HTTD.  Appears that there are lots of new eyes and some folks that recall her from Idol but haven't followed her, as well as the people that know her.

Quote:Finally good music on trending

Quote:Today I learned: that Haley was on American Idol. I found her via Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra and just grabbed every one of her songs after that. This comment section is the first place I've heard of Idol. Crazy. Anyway, the song and video are amazing!

Quote:finally the trending page did something right

Quote:YouTube. Thank you so much for showing me she exists. She’s incredibly talented and I love this song

Quote:Yesssssss her vocals! She's a godess

Quote:Who remembers this girl on American Idol? This is fireeee

Quote:What is this perfection? This is amazing and she is amazing and perfect.
Quote:Wow I can't believe I haven't listen to you before - new sub

Quote:OMG no wonder she seemed familiar..I used to watch her on American Idol and she had one of those unique voices that you can’t forget.  I love her voice <3

Quote:I clicked so fast cuz of her last name
Probably a reference to Lili Reinhart recognition
Yesterday, 07:28 PM,
RE: Happy for Haley
HTTD picked up a quick 200K views by being featured by YT.  Exposure is good since it seems to be a popular video among those who view it.  The video has almost 37K Likes on 549K views, which is a lot. 

For comparison, Free has 50K likes on 4.85 million views. Wild Horses has 23K likes on 2.9 million views. A Bennie video from the AI days has 1.34 millioni views with 8.3K likes.  The Vicetone Something Strange video has 1.2 million views and 24K views.  The Baby It's You video has 759K views and 15K likes.  DKHTLY has 624K views and 15K likes.

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