Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
(01-01-2019, 04:15 AM)Tusk Wrote: First video of 2019.  Happy New Year everyone Smile

Only up one day, already has more likes than any video I've posted since the Middle of November.  It has more likes than Hotel Cafe "Free" and Troubadour "Creep"....  Seems to have hit a chord  Cool
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RE: Haley Reinhart Opening For Steven Tyler July 7th
Ribfest "Can't Find My Way Home" posted Jan 1, 2018

6,025 views/371 Likes

The closest video to come close that number of likes was posted in November

El Rey "Sunny Afternoon" posted Nov 19th, 2018

9,044 views/364 Likes 

CFMWH is getting as many likes in just 1 1/2 days Smile

Also, an unusually large number of comments this soon since a video is posted, 33

Quote:Andrew Young 1 day ago
Sultry bluesy.   Soulful 
I like this more than the original

Quote:CHAS1422 1 day ago

Not featured on any major news networks for New Years Celebration...yet Haleys is THE BEST singing talent in 2018...and 2019 so far. Beautiful, restrained, phenomenal.

Quote:Ashnoy Atrushanyan 1 day ago

Haley and her song penetrated into my heart deeply!!

Quote:Michael B Perry 1 day ago

I can't get my chores done while Haley's singing.

Quote:Benny Garr 1 day ago

It feels like you're singing to me and that such awesome quality that you have

Quote:W Hendriks 1 day ago

A voice from heaven came down and was given to haley reinhart , i just love her voice and this song more then beautiful in every way

Quote:marty robbins 5 hours ago

The vocal soul starts in the second verse and continues to grow throughout the tune.  Simply flawless...no other way to describe it.  Flawless.  Great clip.  Keep'em coming.

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